Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bingo, pictures, and SICK OF AOL!

You know what I realized tonight trying to catch up on your journals? I read the dashboard thing backwards lol. I wish there were a way to delete the dashboard after you have been through all the updates! If anyone hasn't subsribed to my feed on the side you definately could to get emailed whenever I make a new post.

I planned on writing a longer entry but hubby just made some Chicken Alfredo and brought me a plate with that, corn and garlic bread so I think I will eat and come back and finish this...........

Ok back and my tummy is full! I have been taking Chantix to quit smoking and guess what?? It is working ;) I have went from smoking a pack a day to smoking under 10 in the last 6 days. I have lost the desire and the taste of them is disgusting which I am sure it always was but the pill must be helping. So keep your fingers crossed for me that soon I can say I am 100% done and will never look back!

Last night my daughter and I met my brother, his kids, my sister and her son at Community Bingo on our reservation. We had a blast as usual! We won so much cool stuff. I won a really cool buffet type of server.....actually nevermind I will run and take pictures quick and just post them instead lol....brb again........

Ok here is the things we won last night.....
The picture below this one was FULL of different candles. I won these two candle lanterns awhile back also at bingo.

My brother won this beautiful stained glass picture
He rode with my sis and didn't have room for his
stuff in her little car.

Ok look at this lol...I won a ladder stand for hunting!
My brother said he knows someone who will
probably gladly take it off my hands.

My daughter won two different times and it
was funny because she won the matching set
of these metal pictures. They are really cool

The buffet server I won

The set to the other one my daughter won
Another awesome picture my brother won.

OK so you all want to see my brain fart for the
month?? See where it is cracked on the shelf?
Guess who did that?? lmao I ran into it! WTG
huh? lol

I have a hard time finding rugs to match my
house so I was so happy when I found this one
for my front door. It actually has purple and
green in it....

I went to Homegoods a few weeks ago and found
this cute shower curtain that matches the
pictures in there great. I think it cost me $10.00.
Can't beat that. I also found towels that look great
with it all. LOVE it when that happens ;)

Ok I was going to write more but something is
happening with AOL that is pissing me off so
bad! So I am going to save this before I lost it,
since it takes so long to upload pictures here
also. And delete AOL from my computer
because I am so tired of it's issues! Maybe I
will try to reinstall, otherwise I will just use and sign into my email from it.
I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!
Love & Hugs to you all!


  1. Great piccs. Sounds like you all had a good time

  2. Dang, Robyn, you guys make a killing at that You really did win some neat stuff. I'm still using my dashboard. I don't mind it. I hate google reader. I changed my comments to this format but miss the pictures and can't keep people straight...ugh.

    I used to Chantix a year ago in May to stop smoking. It worked so well. I was never successful with anything else. Keep up the good work!

    Your husband made chicken alfredo? Can't beat that with a stick. Enjoy your Sunday! HUGS

  3. Hey, good luck with the smoking for one addict to another to another.
    You have a husband who can cook and does. Wow, you are luck and should give him a hug and a kiss. Not from me but you I burn water as my wife says.

  4. use the google reader instead of dashboard. It's at the bottom. The journals with entries will be bolded, then you can mark as read when done. It's much easier to keep track.. if you can stay on top of them. LOL I have gotten so far behind with the wedding.

  5. They give awesome gifts at your bingo! WOW! All of them are great!
    Your bathroom stuff is gorgeous...your home is always a showcase...i love your taste in decorating. XOXOXOXO

  6. My husband cannot cook anything but George Foreman grilled hamburgers. I would be afraid to try what he made as he's clueless in the kitchen. I think he mostly ate cereal before I came along.
    You guys took it all at Bingo. I love everything, especially those candles and the metal work, but that picture your brother won, WOW. My taste, yup!
    I love your new bathroom decorations too. So chic.
    I could not find a crack in the shelf.
    Maybe I'm the one who's cracked. haha.

    I love your decorating sense.

    Now I've got to keep reading to find out what wedding you are talking about because it made my heart jump.

  7. Maybe I should do my son a favor and get him some of that stuff to stop smoking. He is the only one in our family that smokes. I hate it. I told him he's killing himself.
    Geez you think you all got enough.
    Hugs, Chrissie