Friday, October 24, 2008

A cool snagged meme (Let me know if you play along)

I snagged this meme from

If you came to my house…
You would see:
A house full of life and color. You would see I truly am a cleaning fanatic and that I do truly have candles lit always and music playing always.

I’d probably feed you: Some lasagna, maybe some steak on the grill, or done on a skillet with garlic butter and other spices, maybe some of my zucchini & beef soup, or maybe some of my mushroom gravy porkchops after they cooked in the crockpot all day, and fruit of course ;)

And offer you this to drink: A nice cold beer, a Sex on the Beach, some hot tea

I would undoubtedly ask if you have read: The latest headlines of any news, any good books lately

I would d want to play this music for you: If it were around Christmas time it would be Christmas music, otherwise old school R/B

I would want to tell you about: My kids, fun things we could do here or out and about, my Native American collection's

I would probably suggest a game of: Mexican Dominoes or Karaoke or cribbage

I would definitely show off: Any of my Native American art

I might get on the computer and show you: something funny on Youtube, or tags I have made, or pictures I have taken

If it was a long enough visit, we might watch: Eagle's on my reservation, people out and about, a good movie on TV or rented, my son be a spaz, my dog do the same

I would share my: anything ;)


  1. Good answers, I have done the same meme months ago you might find it on my blog. Search on blogs - justplainbill
    The blog is not very active and I have not cleaned it up since I have been here. Bill

  2. i know coming to spend time with you would be heaven on earth because you are the sweetest person i know!! LOVE YOU

  3. Cute Meme. Loved all the answers. I use to do these all the time, now I'm like what time.
    Hugs, Chrissie