Saturday, October 18, 2008

Got a partial answer to my longlasting illness! (Mild AC in my tag used)

I did fasting bloodwork on Friday and talked to my doctor this afternoon. My Glucose is right around 150 right now, I honestly know little about it but know that the normal range is 50-90 from what I have heard and been told. So it looks like I may be diabetic. I go back into the doctor's on Monday at noon and they will have all the results from my bloodwork then.

I have had NO energy at all for the last couple weeks. It is killing me. I am used to being up and doing so much every single day and now it seems I do one simple task and I am ready to lay down and go to sleep again. The fever is still here and that we cannot get an answer to why. My blood pressure has went down so that is a good thing.

I just wish I felt better!

My hubbies computer crashed about an hour ago and to say he was pissed is an understatement! He left for awhile before he broke it lol

Josh turns 10 years old tomorrow! It is hard to believe he is going to be in the double digits. He is more like a 4 or 5 year old. Yet it also feels like it has been 20 years. He is loving Cars this year so that is what I stuck with for his presents. Mega Blocks Cars sets and really cool loud obnoxious cars. I think I will try later today or even tomorrow to find him a cool remote controlled car also. His dad has one I got a couple years ago for Christmas that has neon lights, plays Ipods, and music, it is really cool. Josh loves it so I wonder if he would like one of his own now.

The Shrine Circus is in town this weekend. I thought of running to Ticketmaster and getting tickets for tonights show, but I just honestly do not have the energy to go downtown to the Target Center tonight.

It is quickly getting really chilly in Mn! 5 days ago it was almost 80 now we are in the low 50's during the day and 40's at night.

Last Friday at my daughter's school a boy who was in track was running with his team after school and he passed out and hit his head on the cement and when the ambulance came to transport him to the hospital he died on the way! My heart sank when she told me. I cannot imagine the poor parents that got that call after school. I always just expect that my kids will return home after school safely. It sounds like he may have had some sort of Menengitis or something that caused him to pass out. They have not said yet. Rayanna said one of her teacher's was crying because that same morning her and her kids were running late and her daughter wanted "One more hug" and she didn't give it to her. She said she will never do that again. Good lesson for everyone to learn.

I have always been that mom, wife that reguardless of being angry or not expects a goodbye, I love you, kiss, hug ect when someone leaves this house. They think it is annoying sometimes but I always tell them exactly that. IF something were to happen to you while out or me while you were gone it will mean everything to know that we had our last goodbye and love you's.

So call me annoying because I am not changing!! lol

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Mine has been really lazy. My daughter had 2 friends spend the night Thursday night and yesterday I picked up the spare bedroom and made a pot roast for dinner. That is about it.

Today I have to go the grocery store but honestly do not even feel like doing that.

Well I am going to wrap this up and get in the shower and pretend I have motivation to get going today lol.

Love & Hugs, Robyn


  1. sexy tag! woo hoo!!!
    glad to hear you're getting answers to your health needs, now maybe something can be done. {{}}
    sorry about hubbys puter, that happened to mine in the spring...grrr!
    hate to hear about the boy at school, prayers for his family.
    HB to son!!! can you get tickets on the computer for the circus?
    have a good eve.

  2. Love the tag, Robyn! Wow, that does sound like you might be diabetic and the loss of energy is a definite symptom. My mom is a diabetic. She's watched her diet for years, never had to use insulin and does very well with it. Are the doing further testing? Hugs to you....

  3. Oh that was so sad about the kid not making it home...I'm the same way you are. I won't even allow Paul or I to go to bed mad. You just never know what will happen and I wouldn't want the last memory of me to be an angry retort. I can't believe Josh is going to be 10 already. They grow up so fast. I know that tired feeling, mine comes from having Emphysema and breathing problems. It's frusterating having something slow you down. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Sexy tag!!Im glad you're getting answers about your health problems.

  5. Hi
    I'm getting caught up here, I've had some bad days with a new medicine I'm taking, but today I've been able to sit up all day without being dizzy or sick.

    Sorry to hear that you are Diabetic, that's always disheartning news. But, at least you know what is wrong and you can get on the path to renewed health. I have type 2 Diabetes, and was able to get it under control with medicine, and then diet...and it remains under control today. Make sure to learn all you can about food exchages and such, it will help you feel better faster.

    Sorry about your hubby's puter...

    Prayers for you!

    Love & Pooh Hugs,

  6. I know I'm late, but hope your son had a happy birthday. So sorry you don't have all the answers from your tests yet. Hope you get something figured out soon and get to feeling better. You need energy.
    Hugs, Chrissie