Thursday, November 20, 2008

Indian Time............

Hi everyone. In my family we have a long standing joke that we all run on "Indian time". Family functions, someone or half of us (or maybe all of us) are always fashionably late lol! I was reading my tribal newsletter this afternoon and saw and article that I wanted to share with all of you.

"Indian Time"

In today's world, time itself is different. In today's world, we have Central Standard Time, Mountain Standard Time, and daylight savings time. We have calendars, clocks and schedules. But we have forgotten time itself. The time of seaons; The time of the tides; the time of the moon. Our people followed these times. These are not man made times; these are nature's times.

The winged, the four-legged, the crawlers and the swimmers know these times. They will tell you if the winter will be long and hard. They will tell you if food will be scarce. They will share with you all you need to know. They do not manipulate time. There are no deadlines. No appointments. No schedules. In our traditions "time" is of the Creator. It is the new sunrise. It is the schedule of nature. It is a miracle.

Time is the four seasons. It is the four hills of life.

SPRING is a time of new beginnings. It is a time of birth for all things. The time of new life. It is the first hill of life. A time of love and nurturing.

SUMMER is a time of fullness. A time of growth. It is the second hill of life. It is the time of our youth. It is the time of long, hot days. A time of learning about oneself and the world around you.

FALL is the time of change. The leaves turn color; the day begins to shorten; the third hill of life. Time to go within. Fall is the time we become grandmothers and grandfathers. We become teachers. We prepare for the fourth hill of life; for being an elder. Time to focus on being alone with the creator.

WINTER is a time when all life is at rest, covered with a warm blanket of snow. Time to slow down. It is the fourth hill of life. Time to gather and share stories. It is a time to share teachings with patience and love, and above all, kindness.

We do not dictate time. We do not set time. Time is the Creator. Time is perfect.

Grandmother Moon is time. She regulates the tides. Her pull is strong. She teaches and guides the women. Grandmother Moon lights our way in times of darkness.

Grandfather Sun is time. He gives life to all things. He announces the new day. Grandfather Sun shares his warmth unconditionally; with the rich; with the poor; with the wretched; with the righteous.

Time is life. Our elders teach us time is scared. Do not be angry if it is not time. Do not wish time would hurry and pass. Do not waste your time. You will know when it is time.

Time is woman! Woman is scared; The givers of life; the heart of the people. Women provide strength, understanding, wisdom and humor. All that is, is part female.

Time is man! Man is the strength! the provider; the protector. All that is, is part male.

Time is all we have. Time to be what the Creator intended. Time to share what the Creator so willingly gave us. Time to love. Time to be grateful.

So you see, "Indian Time" is many things. It is not being late. It is not setting the clock. It is not a lack of respect. "Indian Time" is the Creator at work; letting things happen "in it's own time"; assuring the "time is right"; knowing "time will tell".

It is this part of our beliefs and practices that seem to interfere with the concept of "time" in today's world. It is this part which makes it difficult to follow set times. Even though we've assimilated our daily behaviors to the present world situation, our concept of time remains "Indian".
Love & hugs to you all! Robyn


  1. What a beautiful explaination of Indian time. Thank you

  2. Great explaination of Indian time. I have heard of it before but really didnt know what it was

  3. How lovely and at one with nature's rhythms. If we all would follow Indian time life could be less stressful.

  4. That is BEAUTIFUL and so true. To watch nature and just "BE" with it is to experience moments where life can all come together for us if we are in tune with it. Thank you for sharing this. XO

  5. Really, really interesting, Robyn. Thanks for sharing. The tags are just gorgeous. Love them both! HUGS