Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not Superwoman??

I said that just in time my last entry! Last night at around 2 AM I had to go to the hospital. There was so much tightness in my chest! I felt so ill. I have been sick since July, but last night felt different. When I got there my blood pressure was 180/100. The doctor said air was not flowing through my lungs good at all so they put me on oxygen and gave me a couple neb treatments. They did a chest xray and that looked ok so that was good. The did alot of blood work and a urinalysis and my white blood count was high. They are treating me for a viral Bronchitis.

I truly feel like my body has said "Screw you Robyn!" since July. It is all starting to sort of make sense (FINALLY). I told you I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Now it looks like I may have Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also. It takes 6 months of consistent symptoms and a process of elimation of other possible things before you can be diagnosed. You need to have at least 4 consistent symptoms for 6 months or greater. I am on month 4 and I have at least 10 common symptoms that have not went away once since this all started. There are many possible causes of Fibromyalgia and a traumatic event is one of them. Another is if you have had Mono before. Dating back to my mom doing what she did to my son was the first time I got put on antibiotics and then was put on a second dose so all in all I was on them for 24 days and I truly do not think since the day I left my moms I have been well again.

My hubby is coming home and staying home. There is no point in arguing with him lol! He feels awful for not being here last night and today. He said I need to let him take care of me for awhile! I always take care of everyone else first, that is who I am. I can't do that right now. I don't have it in me. So there is no arguing him coming home and making me slow down.

Sug I didn't get the package sent today, I will before this weekend if I can. It is in a box ready to go though ;)

Everyone please send a little extra energy this way please?? ;) I need all I can get right now.

Hugs & Love, Robyn


  1. A great big hug to you! And prayers for your health and well being.

  2. you take care of YOU. get better soon, ok?
    don't worry aboutthe pkg, you're what matters my friend. {{}}
    sending good thoughts to you, & saying a prayer tonight that you feel better soon.

  3. Not only am I sending energy, but I'm sending healing prayers your way. I think it has all been too much for your spirit and your soul to take, now your body is just saying STOP!

    Lots of love and kleenex too. Nelishia

  4. Awwww Robyn I hope things get well soon. Glad you went to the ER and didn't waste time thinking you'd be okay. I'm glad your husband is coming home. He would have been so upset if something had happened to you and he was away. Don't argue just let him take care of you. You need some rest.
    Hugs, Chrissie
    p.s. we're suppose to get our first snow on Sunday we'll see what we get this is early for us

  5. Sending energy and prayers on the smoke hon! (Hugs)Indigo

  6. So glad you went to the just can't chance chest tightness. I do hope and pray you feel better...glad they gave you a diagnosis...many hugs and love,

  7. Oh Robyn I sure hope you feel better soon...I've had broncitis that bad before too...and had to go to the ER...I felt like i couldn't is miserable! I sure hope you feel better soon, so glad your hubby will be home to take care of you!


  8. Aw, Robyn, I'm sending you tons of prayers, huge hugs and energy. I'm glad you went to the ER and also glad that your hubby is home and taking care of things. BIG HUGS

  9. {{{Robyn}}} Bless your heart. Sending you energy, and praying that your body will settle down and allow the healing process to take effect. My positive thoughts are coming your way.

    Pooh Hugs,