Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thank you NE! Pics of grandson & Josh

I got a knock on my door on Christmas Eve day and a package was delivered. I was blown away when I opened it ;) Thank you from the bottom of my heart Nelishia, Dirk and Katie bug for my beautiful Native doll you got me! She is absolutely beautiful ;) She will fit perfect in my hutch with the rest of them!

My grandson into everything and anything lol! Like I said the world (Or Grandma's house is his playland and he thinks it is all his :)

Josh thinks his Noah's Ark is super cool and is probably going to be mad when he leaves with it. I am not sure if I told everyone or not. But my daughter decided to stay home for THREE more weeks :) Her B/F flew home to go back to work but they are still here and will be until the 5th of Jan.

I love these two pictures of Josh. He came into my room the other night with this hat on lol.

Trouble maker with 100 capital T's!!! :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter wonderland snag only.....

Anyone want any snow?? Chrissie?? :)

A couple hours ago..... It is also 8 below outside and windy! BRRRRR is it cold and nasty here.


The part I cannot stand in the winter here, the dirty yucky snow

Friday, December 19, 2008

Rest in peace Grant! See you on the other side.......


My hubby's friend of over 20 years Grant passed away today at 4:11. My hubby and his brother have been at the hospital in the hospice unit for the last 3 days with him. They were in the room with him when he gasped his last breathe and he is no longer in pain!

The last few days have really been hard for my hubby and his brother. They know he was at peace when he passed away and he was ready. He is one of those friends that will never ever be able to be replaced in my hubby's life.

He will never be forgotten and his pain is gone!

We love you Grant, and will all see you someday on the other side!

Until today, he was sort of responsive. Even making jokes and worrying about other's. They all had their goodbyes, and they all did the best they could to do the best they could. I wish I were with my hubby right now to just hold him, but he is 4 hours away.

In between the crying, and laughter remembering good times my hubby and his brother are holding each other up. They are relieved that he is in a better place now.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for Grant in the last almost 6 weeks! It is greatly appreciated and will always be remembered!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

The rest of the pictures.....TONS of them(Got to tired last night lol)

Cars, Cars and more cars
She is in heaven. Look at that tiny lil computer!
Lights, noises, who could ask for more?
Josh sat in the window and watched this thing like it were a movie for about 2 hours last night
A new outfit I bought her, cheezen again lol
Ohhhh cars!
Somehow Caleb managed to get the whole string of beads off the tree without taking it all down with them lol

His blanket

It took Caleb about 15 times of grabbing a piece, walking away and coming back to open this. The blanket I made him was in that box
She got her keyboard phone
He wanted this game so bad!
She got jammies she was cheezen! lol

Caleb thought is was funner to walk all over everyone's presents

He has the hang of it now! ;)

This picture is PRICELESS TO ME!! See hubbies face? OMG Josh is opening a present all by himself and Josh is looking at me like "What mom?" lol. After he got that one opened everyone started clapping and hooting and we probably scared the crap outta him lol

It took 4 tries to get them all half way looking lol. MY heart! The young man next to my daughter is her B/F Jeramy.

Du Na Na Na Na, It's Batman :)

She is so beautiful! It is so good to have her home! But they will be leaving Monday morning :(

Caleb's first time in the snow wearing Josh's stuff lol. His poor cheeks have been getting so red here because he is not used to the cold! See all our snow Chrissie? ;)