Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anyone want any snow?? Chrissie?? :)

A couple hours ago..... It is also 8 below outside and windy! BRRRRR is it cold and nasty here.


The part I cannot stand in the winter here, the dirty yucky snow


  1. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..............

  2. LOL...keep it out west. And those temps...ugh. It's in the teens here. We got about 3 inches. I agree about the dirty snow. Pretty when it first falls but that's it. Your grandson is gorgeous! HUGS

  3. OMG Robyn......... I pity you..... i HATE the snow, thankfully we dont get much her in London..... but i do detest it as pretty as it might look. I hate the sludge that you get afterwards.... the melting snow and the dirt mised...Yuck!!!.
    Must admit one of those photos looks like cream..... actually when i think about it its more like meringue.
    Take care and keep warm
    hugs Jayne

  4. I HATE SNOW and i hate is 6 degrees here today. UGH. I feel your pain! Love ya

  5. YES you know I would love the snow, BUT not with those temps. I would actually like to get out there and not freeze a finger off. LoL.
    We got down to 2 degrees this morning felt like 14 below zero and I'm nice and warm IN THE HOUSE thank you. We having nothing but cold windy 45mph air.
    Now tomorrow is a different story ice is coming. I hate ice I would rather have the snow at least I can drive on snow.
    Awww look at the baby. Isn't it nice to have a baby in the house again? I wish I had another grandchild. Everybody can just have babies and bring them to me.
    Kyan is back. He's like moved in. Poor Kaitlin has been working double shifts. I couldn't do it good thing she is young.
    John came to get Kyan yesterday for a visit and Kyan didn't want to go because he thought he would have to spend the night. So he left everything important to him at my house I guess so he'd have a reason to have to come back. Those little minds think of everything.
    It's like 2pm today and I'm not even dressed. I been reading blogs trying to catch up before I'm really way behind.
    I don't know how many more times I'll visit, because I've got cooking to get done with Kyan's help, but I really want to wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy new year.
    Enjoy that baby doll while he's there and give your hubby a extra squeeze for me on his loss. Everything will be okay.
    Big hugs, Chrissie

  6. I'll take just a little but thats it okay? LOL
    It is sooo pretty and I would love to have a white Christmas...but I don't drive in the crap for

    It is soooo cold! Single digits this morning and it may have reached 20 this afternoon if that....