Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas a week early LOTS of pictures!

Hi everyone! It has been crazy around this house for the last few days! My daughter arrived at 8:30AM on Wednesday. That evening my sister came over with all of our Christmas presents. My daughter and grandson opened theirs while she was here. We then offered to watch my nephew for a few hours and our grandson so that my sister, daughter and her B/F could go to the Mall of America.

Caleb was SOOOO sleepy by that night. They had to leave their house in California around 6PM and take a 2 1/2 hour shuttle to LA. They took off at midnight from LAX and arrived in Chicago at 5Am for a 2 hour layover. They got on the plane again at 7 and landed in MN at 8:30. So not only is there the two hour difference in our time from theirs they just hadn't slept much on the plane. So the first day with our grandson he was sleepy and grumpy. He has gotten so big!

So by the time my the three of them left for the MOA we hoped that Caleb and Aedan could play together since they are only 4 months apart but our poor grandson couldn't keep his eyes open at 7 and fell asleep in the playpen in the living room unaware of all the chaos going on around him lol.

My sister bought me a super nice navigation system for Christmas that I have yet to even take out of the plastic but I will really love having it once I get it set up. It is a Sony one and really sleek and thin compared to the Garmin's my mom has had.

My nephew Aedan is a RIOT! While Caleb was sleeping Aedan kept us cracking up for 3 hours straight. He is talking SO much now! Him and Josh have always gotten along, but for some reason this time he was here the two of them were playing like crazy and cracking each other up. I grabbed my camera and tried to get a video of it but I pushed the wrong button! DUH lol. I did get some cute pictures though and will add them at the end of the this.

Tonight I picked hubbies son up and my daughter, grandson and B/F. Ty from home and my daughter from her aunt meeting me across the street from Ty's because she spent the day with her Grandma.

So since everyone is here I decided we would do Christmas a week early. I had finished all the shopping for them and all the presents were wrapped so I figured why not since my daughter will be gone on Christmas. So tonight after we ordered pizza and picked up the living room because it does look like one or two tornadoes went through my house we all sat in the living room and everyone opened presents.

Would you believe for the FIRST TIME ever in 10 years, Josh actually opened his own presents tonight. Last week he walked in on me wrapping a Cars toy for him and he was mad that he couldn't have it then. So tonight he realized what was in those wrapped packages just might be something he wanted. Every other year we always try to get him interested and he never is. Ever. So tonight was super special because he opened them, he cracked up when he saw a glimpse of what he was opening. I have a picture that will be posted of the first one he started to open all by himself and the look on my hubbies face will tell you just how surprised we were lol!

All the kids made out like bandits! My daughter Ray got a small laptop. The thing is super cool and has built in wireless and works great it is just mini. She also got a new cell phone with the keyboard, some jammies, an outfit, a book, a couple gift cards. My daughter, grandson and her B/F got a pair of jammies each. I got my grandson 4 outfits and three pairs of jammies because he was freezing here in MN with not any warm clothes. I got his also 4 toys. I also made him a super cute pirate tie blanket. B/F got a really nice fleece pants, robe set. Then I got them together a TON Of gift cards. Red Lobster, Subway, Old Navy, Best Buy, and good ole cash. Hubbies son got an Ipod touch and is in LOVE with it lol! He also got a game for Xbox360 he really wanted, a really cool outfit that looks awesome on him, a pack of two skins for his Ipod, a Yu-Gi-Oh tin he wanted and a couple gift cards also. Josh got a couple pairs of jammies, and all Cars toys. He loves that movie right now.

My brother called tonight and I told him we were opening all presents tonight and he said "So what are you doing Christmas Eve?" I said taking the tree down!! lol

I usually have so many people here and make the huge meal and it is super chaotic during present time so tonight was super cool and calm just us and the kids!

Unfortunately 15 minutes after we were done we got a call that Grant was taken to the hospital tonight and is not doing good. Hubby thought he may have to leave tonight but it looks like it will be in a couple days instead. Grant's Lymphodema (sp??) went into his other arm. There is bleeding they can't stop. Hubbies heart started hurting him bad when he got off the phone so he layed down. I think he was having a anxiety attack. It wouldn't stop for about 30 minutes so I gave him a Xanax and he fell asleep. Well at 1:30AM tonight his brother/B/F called and told me not to wake him but him and I talked for an hour. This has been a rough time for everyone. There is just so much heartache going on! We are all having major problems with our hearts. You put on your happy face, you keep on moving because you have no choice. But when things aren't fixable you feel so helpless. As of tonight they will keep Grant at the hospital until Monday. When he is released to come home Monday hospice will be coming with him.

Tomorrow we are meeting hubbies brother with all of our kids at hubbies mom's house. She got released from the hospital today. All of us will hang out there tomorrow evening. It will be awesome for all of us to be together!

Yesterday after our other friend's wake I got hubbies brother's Christmas present and ran it over to his house. I bought him this huge book, I swear this book weighs 50 pounds lol. It has thousands of beautiful pictures from different Indian Reservations all over the USA. And stories with each picture. The book is amazing. Next time I head up to his house up north I will probably sit down and spend some hours looking at it. He loved it but honestly it is so heavy that he cannot lift it!! He is on weight restrictions because of his back problems.

This entry is all over the place because I am just trying to recap the last 4 days. Two nights ago hubby and I and our daughter and her B/F played karaoke for hours and hours and had a ball laughing together and just being close.

I did truly forget just how much a 15 month old could do in a days time to your house lmao! He is busy, busy, busy! The world is his exploration and there is nothing he isn't trying to explore ;)

My daughter here from CA asked me to make her some chex mix. So I did that tonight and took pictures and will share the recipe with you all if you would like to try it. It is super easy and yummy! I made a double batch so I can send her with a big ole bag of it. I also boiled a big pack of chicken for about 4 hours tonight in chicken broth and stock, with a few chicken bouillon cubes and salt and pepper. I boiled it until it fell off the bone and tomorrow I will make a chicken rice soup with it. I cleaned all the bones and yuck a couple hours ago so it is ready to all be tossed into a pot in the morning ( oh it is almost morning!).

Maybe I should wrap this up and get the photo's uploaded here. I will add the pictures of the food in this entry then I will do a separate for the others because there is a ton!

Chex Mix.........

Like I said I made a double batch but this is the ingredients for just one.

6 tablespoons of butter

2 tablespoons of Worcestershire

3/4 teaspoon of garlic powder

1 1/2 teaspoon of seasoned salt (I use Lowry's)

1/2 teaspoon of onion powder

1 cup peanuts

1 cup pretzels

3 cups each of....

Corn Chex and Rice Chex

and 3 cups of cheerios (you can use Wheat Chex instead but my kids love the Cheerios)

Heat the oven to 250 degrees

Dump all of the ingredients but the spices and butter into a large roasting pan and mix lightly

Melt the butter in a sauce pan on stove. Stir in the seasonings. When the butter is melted stir and you have mixed the seasonings and sauce well gradually dump over the stuff in the roasting pan mixing to coat it all evenly.

Bake uncovered for 1 hour, stirring it every 15 minutes.

I lay out a big area with tin foil to let it dry when it is done baking. Lay it out to dry then put it into whatever.

My kids love it let me know if you try it ;)

Here is my chicken beginning to boil right when I got the Chex mix out of the oven......


  1. where is the pic of Josh opening his 1st present? I am so glad you had a special day with all your family and enjoyed opening the presents. I am sorry for all the health concerns around you and concerning your family. HUge hugs and love to you....i made that chex mix once but no one hardly ate it. Who knows what i did wronG. hugs and love!

  2. Well foo foo I read backwards, but thought I missed the picture too. You'll have to remember to re-add it later. I wanna see. I wanna see the surprise and joy he must have felt at that very second. What a gift in itself.

    I don't blame you one bit for letting the kids go on and open their gifts. All of you were together and that is what Christmas is really about. I'm sure they will be just as happy on Christmas as they were today with their gifts. This makes me happy for you to know you had everyone together. I wanna cry.
    You know kids don't get it only when you become a parent do you understand that's really all you want for Christmas.. your family. Mine are still young adults and don't understand that yet. But when everyone is going their separate ways it sure is nice to come together every once in awhile like the old days.

    Poor baby I know he was tired. Heck I would have been exhausted. It's funny when I started watching Kyan again I was like man he's kicking my butt. I am getting old. I can just imagine what it's like there he has a lot to look at. So it's 15 months since I knew ya. (I'm reading backwards.)

    I thought that was your nephew man he's huge too. These babies don't stay babies anymore. I'm glad your son had a good time playing with him.

    I use to make Chex mix for the kids during the holidays too. I don't do any of the things I did anymore when the kids were little. It's just me know and I hate to waste. I don't eat the stuff and no one is here to eat it. See I need a huge family. I know how to cook for 50 it's the 1 I can't handle. lol.

    Now you're sounding like my mom with the chicken rice soup. I haven't had that in forever either. My mom also would make homemade chicken noodle soup. You made me remember good memories. I miss her a lot especially the holidays. She has been dead over 5yrs now which is why I always say it was a blessing when Kyan came one year after. I was in deep depression and he gave me something to be happy about and reason to continue living.

    I'm so sorry about your hubby friend. Maybe you all were meant to have your Christmas now and be together. Your hubby may have to be with his friend closer to Christmas and now he won't have to feel guilty. Things happen for a reason you know. It will be a hard time coming up in the next weeks. I just happy that you both support each other. You will make it through I know.

    That book you're giving as a gift sounds awesome. I can't even imagine all the pictures and stories in it. After you start looking you may want to get one for yourself. I sister that died would have loved something like that. She lived in Santa Fe and Albuquerque and loved Indian designs, prints anything. Her whole house was done it in. She had all kinds of collections of things.

    And where is the videos of karaoke night? We wanna laugh too.

    Hugs, Chrissie

  3. I was just eating store bought chex mix but it dont compare to homemade

  4. Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful Christmas!