Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....(LOTS of pictures)

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend. This last week on Wednesday around 11:30 at night my hubby decided to go get a bowl of ice cream (he eats ice cream maybe twice a year). He called me down right away telling "Run down, don't walk". I get downstairs to the kitchen and our freezer was on fire! It must have been started by some sort of electrical problem. Needless to say we ended up getting a new fridge delivered last night.

I thank god that he decided to go into the freezer that night, because otherwise we would have been in bed and the fire would have spread.

It has been snowing randomly here in MN. It is sure getting cold also! Yesterday I think it was 6 degrees in the night time and snowing heavily. But then it seems during the day it melts. I see today the ground is still covered though because it is so cold.

My MIL's surgery is Monday. Everyone send some prayers her way please. I know I already asked once but it doesn't hurt to ask again.

Then Wednesday morning at 8AM we have to pick our daughter and grandson up from the airport. We cannot wait to see Caleb! He has grown so much since the last time we saw him! It will be so awesome having the two of them (And her B/F who we have never met) home for 5 days!

My nice big ole monitor broke last week. Went totally caput! My computer also got 23 viruses on it from get this......A LOONY TOONS image from google. It is acting a bit better but still is having some issues. I had to uninstall AOL and cannot for the life of me get it back on and working properly. So my computer has been on my shit list this week for sure! I do not have the energy or patience to deal with all the issues it is having.

I have been taking the Xanax my doctor gave me. I noticed though that they started me on the .25 dosage and I was having to take 2 for them to help me. So when I went back two days ago to check in like I promised them I would they wrote me my monthly scrip for .50. That way I am only taking one pill. I still truly DO NOT like having to take them, but when my heart starts hurting every night and I truly feel like if I lay down I may have a heart attack and not wake up again, then take this pill and I am able to calmly go to bed and slow it all down. It is worth it. My body needs the help right this moment.

I got my first Christmas card from Missie, Thank you hun ;) I have mine sitting here all filled out ready to be sent. I will probably run them to the post office Monday to send them.

Well I am going to try to make some new tags, it's been about a week since I made one.

I read an entry that D did about people snagging from her journal but not leaving comments about her daily life. I also truly do not care about getting alot of comments, and get behind from time to time myself on everyone elses blog. But I have 44 people who follow me and usually never get more than 8 comments?? Unless I make a Gorjuss tag that is lol. Interesting!?

Well I am off.

Love & Hugs to you all!


  1. Sounds like you are having some equipment problems, first the freezer then the monitor.

    Sure looks like you are ready for Christmas. We are going to decorate next weekend I think.

  2. your decorations are beautiful!!! :)
    so glad dh wanted ice cream, praise God!
    sending prayers for mil, that all goes well.
    also a prayer for you, my dear.
    can't wait for dtr & gson to get there, know you'll be overjoyed! {{}}
    shoot, i have over 130 followers, but seldom get more than 8-20 comments. lol
    have a good wkend.

  3. Your decorations look so pretty. Thanks for sharing them. I will say a prayer for your MIL. I am glad your hubby went down for ice cream. That could have been a disaster. Have a good weekend.

  4. Thank God for ice cream!! See now you got a start on the Thursday list for the week.
    Hope your daughter and grandson have a safe trip in and please take pics to share.
    The house is gorgeous just beautiful. You always have a pretty house.
    That sucks about the comp. It makes you wanna shoot it. Hope you have time to get it all worked out.
    Prayers going out to your MIL on a speedy recovery from her surgery.
    I don't like to take meds either, but you know you have to do what you do. You might not have to take them for long. Just take it a day at a time.
    Hugs, Chrissie

  5. I love your decorations. I really love your christmas tree!

    I'll be keeping your MIL in my prayers.

    You're welcome for the card!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow.

  6. Girl, your decorations are out of this world and I love, love your tree. I know I did last year also because I think white trees are awesome. I do know what you mean about comments. I have I think 100 followers now and may be 20 comments at most. It's not about the comments but it is nice to know that some people truly care about the person. HUGS n Love

  7. everyone seems to love Gorjuss. I love Gorjuss AND you!!
    Praise God that DH went for the ice cream. WOW. That is so scary. i will thinkof your MIL tomorrow....i LOVE your tree and the tree topper and all your decorations. It is snowing here and has been for 2 days. XOXOOX

  8. Your tree and decor is sooo pretty!

    Thank goodness your hubby went to get some ice scary to think you would have been sleeping and the fire would have spread!

    Keeping your MIL in my thoughts and prayers


  9. Beautiful tree...and the house and decorations look awesome...I am so sorry about the freezer...hope you get a new one...many hugs and love,

  10. please don't be angry with me for not commenting LOL! I am a follower but unless I get email updates it is often that I don't get time to go through my followed blogs regularly. I do enjoy my days off when I can take to browsing. . .like today :)

    I love that snowman at the top looks like gumdrops also! What a great decoration!