Saturday, December 13, 2008

The rest of the pictures.....TONS of them(Got to tired last night lol)

Cars, Cars and more cars
She is in heaven. Look at that tiny lil computer!
Lights, noises, who could ask for more?
Josh sat in the window and watched this thing like it were a movie for about 2 hours last night
A new outfit I bought her, cheezen again lol
Ohhhh cars!
Somehow Caleb managed to get the whole string of beads off the tree without taking it all down with them lol

His blanket

It took Caleb about 15 times of grabbing a piece, walking away and coming back to open this. The blanket I made him was in that box
She got her keyboard phone
He wanted this game so bad!
She got jammies she was cheezen! lol

Caleb thought is was funner to walk all over everyone's presents

He has the hang of it now! ;)

This picture is PRICELESS TO ME!! See hubbies face? OMG Josh is opening a present all by himself and Josh is looking at me like "What mom?" lol. After he got that one opened everyone started clapping and hooting and we probably scared the crap outta him lol

It took 4 tries to get them all half way looking lol. MY heart! The young man next to my daughter is her B/F Jeramy.

Du Na Na Na Na, It's Batman :)

She is so beautiful! It is so good to have her home! But they will be leaving Monday morning :(

Caleb's first time in the snow wearing Josh's stuff lol. His poor cheeks have been getting so red here because he is not used to the cold! See all our snow Chrissie? ;)


  1. OMG I LOVE IT.I don't know where to start. You have so many blessings happening here a reward for everything bad that has happened lately.

    I was gonna ask you if you got pictures of all them together. You should have made the boyfriend take one of your and hubby and the kids. Or heck if you had thought about it SIL could have taken one of the whole family. Yep that is what I always say that is what my heart looks like outside of my body. Without them all my heart is not whole. Your heart is beautiful you're best blessing of all.

    Babies are wonderful. Yes the paper one piece at a time and walking on everything is more fun at that age and then playing in the empty boxes. I'm so happy they were able to come see you even if the time is short. Look at the joy you've had with them.

    Awww... you will be so sad on Monday I hate going home and leaving I'm such a big cry baby. I hope they can come back soon to visit.
    SNOW now that's what I'm talking about. I want that for Kyan so badly. I love his first time in snow was where you could be part of it.. another little blessing to add to the list.

    That picture of hubby and Josh is just PRICELESS and I hope you print it and put it out. What a great day for Josh and you all to enjoy watching him open his own gifts for the first time. Another blessing.

    I love the batman outfit. Kyan was asking me for a hulk one they have it at Walmart so I may add it to his list. They have a spiderman one too. I guess he's getting into the dressing up thing now. He's never wanted that stuff before.

    Is that lil computer like a laptop or something? I'm not up on technology these days. Wait can you do on it? Does it need wireless internet or something? That is a neat present. I never seen one before.

    Hugs, Chrissie

  2. wonderful pics, wonderful times, wonderful memories!

  3. Love the last 2 pics , his legs look like he has springs on

  4. LOVE all the have a beautiful favorite one is your son opening a present for the first time..and the look on your husbands you said Priceless!


  5. What a forever memory! These pictures are so priceless. Yes, she's beautiful but so are you for arranging this and making all of this possible for everyone.
    Josh's understanding and happiness shows in his eyes. You've made a safe place for that sweet child.
    Love you, Nelishia

  6. Oh my gosh, Caleb is absolutely adorable. Your daughter is gorgeous. Love the picture of Josh opening his own present. Your hubby's look is priceless. What a blessed day for all of you. HUGS

  7. FANTASTIC Photos............. Thank you so much for sharing them with us Robyn.

    Lovely to see everyone with their presents.... they ceratinly looked happy.
    hugs Jayne

  8. Robyn I got your email comment and couldn't respond, but wanted to tell you I'm so happy for you that your daughter and grandbaby are staying longer. I was so excited for you when I read that. That means I should be seeing lots more pics. Have a great holiday sounds like things ARE getting better as it goes on.
    Hugs, Chrissie
    p.s. We got 4-5 inches of snow yesterday and Kyan finally got out in it. He found TRACKS and just knew it was Rudolph. He said Santa was here they must have been looking at me. So I told him you better be a good boy Santa IS watching you. I love this age. We're on day 4 of him refusing to go home. Kaitlin says he's leaving tonight kicking and screaming if have be.

  9. have i ever seen your DH? I do not know if i have. LOVE the pic of Josh..all of them...your kids are so good looking and all look so happy....i am so glad you shared these pics! XO