Sunday, December 7, 2008

When it rains it pours!

After I wrote that entry last night about our friend John passing away at 5 we discovered the BRAND NEW fridge we got wasn't working. So now today we sit still without a fridge or freezer and very little time to do anything about it since my MIL has to be at the hospital at 5:45 AM in the morning.

I wrapped a few presents last night after cleaning a bit trying to get some done before our daughter gets here and finally sat down at around 11:30 to try to play a game or make a tag. I had just got my jammies on and hubby had also just sat down next to me on his computer. We heard a crash. Josh fell out of his bed, which he has done before but this time we heard him screaming (Which he never does) We both ran into his room and I grabbed him in my arms to see blood all over his face and on my arms. We got him into our bathroom and realized he had landed on the corner of his toy box. The cut was deep and bleeding badly, so hubby took him with a rag to try to catch the blood while I tossed the first thing on in my closet I could find, then took over and did the same while hubby threw some clothes on. And off to Children's in Minneapolis we were.

He has had three Cranial Vaults so anything head related scares the shit out of us! He also is blind in one eye already so we always worry of his other getting damaged. When we got there they thought they would have to put him to sleep to stitch it up, but instead they numbed his face and used glue to hopefully close it up. We worried about him messing with the stitches which is why we opted for the glue. But now today I see he is scratching at it glued also. I will add a picture at the end of the entry. So from 11:45-6:45AM we were at the hospital.

He was so tired, we brought his blanket with and had to use it to papoose him to work on him. In between the doctor's and nurses bugging him he kept sleeping on my leg. I just sat at the top of the bed and let him.

So we finally got released like I said at almost 7AM to make it FIVE BLOCKS from the hospital and our tire blew on my truck. We were riding our rim on the road because the tire came off the rim. So we stopped and had to call a tow truck to come tow it away. We rode in the tow truck to a city a few away where I will have to go buy new tires tomorrow on my way to the hospital for my MIL. My MIL refused to let us take a cab home from there, so she met us and brought us home. We got home around 8 this morning praying maybe the fridge had started working. No such luck!

My daughter also burned her arm pretty good and I took a pic of that also. Then today when my hubby was getting ready to walk out the door to go stay at his mom's tonight. My daughter got a call from her best friend at school. A friend of theirs from school's sister had just gotten into a car accident a couple hours before and died! My heart dropped, sank!

I mean really, how much can one person deal with at a time??

The plus side to all of the last bit of time.... That I truly am thankful for.....

We caught the fire in the freezer before it spread and we lost our home

Josh didn't damage his good eye and will heal

We lost the tire going 20 miles an hour versus 65-70 on the highway and all I need to do is replace the tire

Rayanna's burn will heal maybe with a little scarring

Well I should get off of here and try to get some things done tonight since I will be at the hospital for at least 12 hours tomorrow. I will keep you all posted.

I sure hope you all had a good weekend!!

Love & Hugs, Robyn


  1. awee poor kid but he doesnt appear worried in that
    Not like his mom.
    Ok I predict all bad things are done now.
    Good luck with the fridge

  2. OMG! You sure have had a rough couple of days. I'm so glad and daughter will be okay.

  3. Robyn,
    I'm so sorry you had all those disasters! It was more like a hurricane.Glad Josh and Rayanna are okay. I think you had your share of misfortune. It's time for good things to happen.

  4. GIRL YOU NEED A HUG!!! OMGoodness that was close to his eye and the burn. I'm happy they are okay. So sorry about the person that died we had that happen here last week too shook the crap out of my niece they were the same age. IT was because of icy crashed into a tree lost control of the car in a curve road. Really sad. Sending prayers for your MIL and the family. Hope things settle down some. Love ya.
    Take care, Chrissie

  5. this is SO much to deal with at once! I have your mom in my thoughts today...i hope the fridge thing gets worked out today...thank God you can go get new tires....and thank Jesus that Josh and Rayanna are both ok. Love ya!

  6. Oh my gosh, I can't believe all this keeps happening. I'm so thankful that both Josh and Rayanna are ok and that you didn't have a house fire but dang, the new one breaking already...ugh. Hoping things gets peaceful around your place. HUGS

  7. OMG sorry your last couple days have been so stressful! Glad the kids will be scary for your son! Keeping your MIL in my prayers...

    So sorry for the family who lost a loved one...they are also in my thoughts and prayers...

    New Fridge already went bad? I hope they replace it for you with no problems...


  8. awwww hon I'm sorry... I definitely know when it rains it pours. Sending good vibes your way

  9. Gosh what a week - I am sorry for your loss also - we too just lost a great friend. I am glad you are able to look for and see the positive things though :) Keep focusing on them and it will give you some peace.

  10. Holy cow! Glad everyone is okay, hopefully things have calmed down a bit.

  11. AWwwwwwwwwwwww Robyn.

    I am so very, very sorry to hear all that has been happening to you and feel bad about not being able to reply earlier.
    I am glad that Josh didnt go any damage to his eye..... Give him a kiss for me.
    Glad that Rayanna's burn hould heal..... and giving you a HUGE HUG (((((( ROBYN )))))))) cos you certainly deserve it girl.
    Happy to hear that the freezer did not cause a fire as you have a beautiful home.
    Take care
    hugs Jayne