Monday, January 26, 2009


Cute tag but I sure wish I knew what was supposed to be FUN about winter? I drove my daughter to school this morning and my truck said it was -17!! That doesn't even count the windchill. Taking the dog outside to potty is miserable! I asked LJ if she had a face mask for her stupid cart parties she has to do and she said she would look like a robber and cracked me up! I didn't care one single bit about how funny I looked when I took my dog out at midnight last night because he wouldn't stop crying I put that mask on ;)

There is just no amount of bundling you can do honestly! When it is that cold outside you just shouldn't be out there for long. I know the weather is crazy all over right now! I hope you are all staying warm and safe if you are getting this horrid cold, snow, ice or rain! Perfect weather to have your fireplace going and drink a hot cup of tea.

Tomorrow my daughter Rayanna is having a International picnic at school. She is bringing in these little turkey, butter, cheese and cucumber sandwiches on Baguette bread and little pastries. So tonight I cut up two whole loaves of the bread and she buttered it and made the little sandwiches and we filled a big pan with them and stuck toothpicks in them so they wouldn't all fall apart by morning.

My hubby is still so sick! He is out of bed right now for the first time since 2 days ago right now. He has pretty much been in bed for 2 days straight. Ate near to nothing or even drank anything. Tonight I got him some cherry 7up, watermelon, and saltine crackers. He has seemed to keep them all down so that is good. But now his back is killing him from being in bed for two days. Hopefully he will start feeling normal within the next two days!

Josh has a fever also but goes about his daily routine like nothing is wrong. Either way, he had to stay home today also because of the fever. Seems so many are sick or have a family member sick right now!

I just wish Spring would hurry up and get here and it would warm up!

I have a couple different options I am considering right now and have a couple days to decide what we will do about moving. One thing I think some of you may not realize is that we have been living in Corporate housing for almost two years. Meaning the house is furnished. We have a trailer full of our own stuff we move with us and that is all. So when you see new pictures of my house it is mostly Corporate's furnishings not our own. Some have commented how do you unpack and get situated so quickly? That is how lol! We have 3 big storage units FULL of our own stuff about 30 minutes from where we live.

We used to stay in corporate units when Josh had his surgeries and we had to travel for extended periods of times. I don't know how many of you remember but when we moved out of our own house almost 2 years ago we packed up a almost 4000 square foot house that was full top to bottom in 13 days and left. We had huge plumbing issues and found out there was mold in the house making us sick. So we decided to move sooner than later. When we moved from our own house we needed something quick so we ended up in corporate. We just haven't seemed to find the right place since then and as you have seen the units we have lived in are all very nice, nicely decorated and easy. I pay one lump amount and they take care of everything. Meaning electric, gas, water, garbage, cable, internet, ect.

But now that my pay has decreased so much the high amount I pay is just not justifiable anymore. We need to be back into our own place with our own stuff and set up our own house again. I miss my stuff! I miss my collections, my art. Aside from the high price for rent each month I also pay $560.00 a month for our stuff to be in storage. So in all honesty when I say we may need to move again. We are not losing "Our" house, we are really regaining "Our" house. Which definately is not a bad thing. It is just a HUGE move because we have so much stuff.

Well I should wrap this up and go switch the laundry and sweep my kitchen floor. Seems I was going to do laundry when I ended my last entry also....Sigh.............. lol

Hugs & Love, Robyn


  1. I wore a scarf for the first time this season, and it sure does really help you stay warmer. I am a convert :o)

  2. Well, that makes a lot more sense now. I do remember when you packed up everything so fast. I don't get that they make them go to school when it's that cold. Who can breathe? It sounds awful to me.
    I'm so sorry that poor little Josh is sick too. And he keeps going. And your hubby! It sounds like this has really wiped him out. I hope he gets his strength back soon. It's gone round and round in our house.

    I hope you find 'home' very soon.

  3. Hope your husband is well soon and every ine is staying warm

  4. I missed this entry and you're right you all need your own place just think you'll get all that money back from not paying storage anymore and honestly if you leave your stuff in there to long something might happen to it.
    I wouldn't care if I looked like a robber either lol I'd be wearing that mask.
    Man I hope by now that everyone is okay.
    Hugs, Chrissie