Thursday, January 8, 2009

A much needed outing for hubby and I. Wait til you here about the last week!!

Last week hubby and I went down to our casino on my Reservation and got a Superior Suite. I think I told you all that we have done a huge renovation down there and one of them was making nicer and bigger suites and also penthouse suites. They added 200 rooms total. The room we stayed in is the one in between a penthouse and regular suite. It was beautiful! It was a good thing we had a room because the weather was terrible that night and the roads were pure ice! We enjoyed a great dinner. We both had steak. We played some cards and I had a few Captain/Cokes and hubby had a few beers and we relaxed a ton in the room. Here is some pictures of it. Check out the size of this bathroom! A casino host said she thinks it is so woman can do cartwheels on the monster ledge lol!


  1. That room is so amazing to me! Dirk and I would have had a ball. We've not ever had a honeymoon and went straight into being parents. That is a night of our dreams and one day hope it to be a dream come true. We're going on two amazingly strong years, with our without it though so that's good.
    I am very happy for you all that you make a point to take a time out from everything just for you two to be a couple without all the kids around. Your relationship will last and last and last.
    LOL @ Cartwheels on the ledge! Awesome bathroom!
    Love you all,

  2. LOL @ Cartwheels on the ledge!
    Wow that's a big size room

  3. OMG that room is awesome...that would be my dream the tub...and shower for two *wink*

    Glad you and hubby had a wonderful time


  4. WOW Robyn,

    That bathroom is as big as my lounge...... in actual fact it looks bigger :o(
    Just goes to show you how small places are in the
    I hope that you had a wonderful time
    hugs Jayne

  5. Holy cow now that is a bathroom. You could throw a party in there. So glad that you and hubby got some much needed time alone.
    Hugs, Chrissie

  6. Now that is a nice time...loved the pics! Hugs and love,