Thursday, January 8, 2009

My last week..........(NEVER a dull moment!) Pics & Prayers needed

Man where do I start??

A place across the street from us opened up this last week that we really wanted because of the layout. It is way more practical for us for many reasons. So we decided on the spur of the moment to move across the street! We started moving this last weekend while the kids were gone doing different things.

Friday night after our last trip over there I was driving my truck, hubby his van and I felt this strange almost jolt of electricity is the best way I can describe it go from my heart straight to my arms and lower back. My left arm and hand, fingers, ect felt super heavy and tingly.

5 minutes later we pulled into our garage. I told hubby what had happened he helped me up to the kitchen. By the time I got to the kitchen my whole left leg and foot felt the same way. I started crying because something just didn't feel right!
My hubby called the hospital, they of course said call an ambulance, or if we were close enough take me to a ER asap because they treated it as a possible heart attack. So off we went to the ER at 11 at night with Josh.

They got me back right away and like I said treated it as a heart attack until they ruled it out. So they mentioned the possibility of it being a mini stroke I had. I told the ER Cardiologist that I had an appointment this week with my regular doctor so he said to take it really easy until then and to have him set up a MRI of my brain. So yesterday I went to my main doc and they got the MRI and 2 MRA' s scheduled for today. My hubby took me, we got there at 4:45 and I had to be in the tube for an hour and a half.

My doctor asked the Radiologist to call with the results right away. So I called his office when I was leaving the MRI/MRA tonight and asked his assistant to call me if they found nothing so I could cancel my appointment for tomorrow. I am a bit worried because they didn't want me to cancel it which would imply he has something to tell me? So please keep me in your prayers again!

Over the weekend my hubby MADE me take it easy, made me not lift a finger moving and did it all himself. He is so tired and sore also but he worries so about me!

So then once again on Monday we were on our very last load moving across the street and hubby and I took seperate cars to meet Josh off the bus and load up groceries and the last few bigger items like shoe rack, coat rack, bike, ect.

I had a few errands I had to run and a couple bills to go pay so I asked if he would be ok getting the rest loaded into his van and I would take Josh with me to run a couple errands and meet him at our new place? He said go ahead baby. So off we were. Well 2 blocks from our house on our way home I was coming down a small hill and coming to a stop at a street I have drove hundreds of times. Something happened and my truck locked up and I lost total control!! I spun around 2 full times and the third time went up the curb and in the ditch! I was like WTH just happened?? Josh I were ok thank god and I called my daughter and she actually caught hubby leaving our old house and told him we had just crashed in the truck. He could actually see us and came right away. We tried to pull the truck out and neither one of us could get it to budge!?! Would you like to see why?................................

So it could have been way worse! My son and I are ok and that is the most important part. But if the total damage is 70 percent or more of the value of my truck they will call it totaled. If they do this I will have no truck and STILL owe the bank more then the check they will send them for market value of my truck because of the high mileage on it!
I have pictures of our new place but have spent almost 2 hours uploading the last few entries and am to tired to add more tonight. So I will do those tomorrow.
I hope everyone is doing well and had a great New Year's! Life has been far to stressful for us for months and we sure hoped 2009' would be better. But I am telling you it sure isn't starting out looking that way!
Love & hugs to you all!


  1. OMG Robyn What a week is right! Glad you and Josh are okay.Hope your medical report is good too. Glad you had that good time at the casino to look back on as well.Keeping you in the light.

  2. What a horrible week, but hoping the new year and new place means that it is only better from here :o)

  3. Sending up a prayer that all your tests will have good results, take it easy & don't do too much. Let us know what the Dr says.
    Huggies & prayers...

  4. I'll be praying all turns out well for you.

  5. You are in my prayers Robyn.

  6. Oh, Robyn! I am so glad you weren't hurt in that accident. I don't want you to be without a truck either so I hope it works out where the insurance pays or something so you'll have something to drive and it's not a total loss. It's amazing that you all found a new place just like that! You'll have to send me your new address now. I'm hoping the tests say what happened to you. I definitely don't want it to be a stroke or anything like that. I hope and pray it is not.
    Love, Nelishia

  7. I will be praying for you Robyn.

  8. You have had a terrible week! Thank goodness you're okay. Keep us upated on the MRI results!

  9. Bless your hearts! I'll be praying that all will turn out well.

  10. Oh goodness, Robyn, you have been having a terrible time of it. I'll keep you in my prayers, as always. I hope nothing is seriously wrong and pray that your truck can be fixed. Hoping you just love your new place. HUGS

  11. Glad you and Josh are okay.Hope your medical report is good.I'll be praying that all will turn out well.

  12. Sending up many prayers for can only get better as the year goes on...many hugs and love to you all,

  13. OMG what a week Robyn!!!

    Keeping you in my prayers that all turns out okay...


  14. OMG Robyn
    I am so very sorry to hear what has been happening to you in these last couple of weeks.
    Thank God that you were both uninjured.... at the end of the day yes the truck is a write off, but it could have been worse, your guardian angel was with you both that day.
    Sending prayers that everything will be ok with the tests.
    Take care
    hugs Jayne

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