Monday, January 12, 2009

Pics of new place (Lots of pictures!)

Ray had to make a roller coaster replica. I think she did an awesome job!

Can't leave out Romeo lol

Storage room

The reason we wanted 2 living rooms again. My kids have so many electronics and games and DVD's. It is nice to have a space for it all not in our main living room again! Now the kids can be spazzes down in the basement ;)

They even have a table to do homework, play games, do crafts

Kids's bathroom


Not sure what the white circle in the blinds is

Nice kitchen, but not near as big as our other. We gave up the space in the kitchen for the other things that made it so worth moving again

Summer will be nice, there is a big deck right there off dining room

Hallway to basement

Main level living room

Half bath right when you come in from garage

Garage door entrance which is same level as kitchen, which is really nice not have to carry so many bags up two levels!

Front door
Master bathroom

and again

Main living room

master bathroom again (not sure why so many of these pics are dark)

The tall dresser in our bedroom is FULL of my pajamas. Here is what wouldn't fit. All jammie pants. I have a jammie fetish lmao

Nice size walk in closet that is full since hubby pretty much got no drawer space lol

This is the dresser that is full of my pajamas

Josh's room, him in bed. Seems to always be that way when I take pictures of my house lol

Another of his room. Ray's room is not in here because she was sleeping all over the place in her bed

Bedroom level laundry, saves us going up and down 3 levels. SO NICE! Because we are never done doing laundry!

More of master bedroom

And again

Josh's bathroom

Hall upstairs from loft area looking at bedrooms, laundry room, bathrooms

Loft area which we use as our computer area. LOVE the windows in this house

Hubby needs a new desk this is temporary. lol

My desk is on the right. I had that really nice corner unit black and walnut desk, but it is SUCH a pain to move we left it


  1. This is so cool and looks perfect for you all. I am enjoying the music too while writing this. I want to come for a visit. How in the world did you get unpacked so fast? You amaze me. See you over on Facebook too. Love ya, Nelishia

  2. Wow it all looks really nice :o)

  3. Wow, Robyn, it's gorgeous! How did you get everything unpacked and up so fast? Love the loft and the laundry on the same floor as the bedrooms. Love the jetted tub too. Really, really nice...HUGS

  4. Your house is gorgeous!!!

    Love all of your furniture and decor all looks soooo nice!

    Thanks for the tour :)


    P.S. I would do anything for a walk in closet and a bedroom that size...we have a queen bed and I would love a king but just don't have the room...

  5. Wonderful place, makes our abode look humble :o)

  6. Just beautiful. I love the new place. You guys are fast workers. I like that cabinet you have your movies in. I need something like that. I have to huge carriers of DVDs.
    We looked at a house once with the laundry room on the same floor as the bedrooms and I didn't know about that one, but I guess if all the bedrooms and baths are on the same floor all the dirty stuff would be there too.
    Hope you like your new place.
    Take care, Chrissie

  7. Very nice home...loved how you decorated...hugs and love,

  8. Gorgeous home!!! WOW...i love the rooms, the furniture....everything. It looks so inviting. love you