Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow, anyone want any??

It started snowing this morning and didn't stop until tonight. Now starting tomorrow it is supposed to 17- then the next day 20-! To cold for me. I need a few things froms the grocery store and Target, and have a couple bills to pay. I am NOT wanting to go out tomorrow at all. The joys of living in MN!

I think that when you drive an SUV and crash it that your insurance company should have to put you into another same type of vehicle!! lol Here is what I got instead, and with snow like this this little tin box barely moves.......


  1. THAT'S NOT A TRADE UP! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???? OK send me the car and fuss about what they gave you. Make 'em give you the truck back. I love the snow. I miss the snow. I get none here in GA. Nothing like back in KY when I was little or in NC when I was a young adult. I would love to be there with you and have Katie experience the snow. She'd love it. So would I.

  2. We've been lucky with very little snow this year so far in PA.

  3. No thank you...we got a few flurries today here in Ky...that is


  4. I'd like to have one good snow like that. My friends from town on Facebook have been digging for old photos of winter 84-85 because that was the last time we had snow that covered the house. I was a new bride who had just seen her first snow and I loved it. It's been funny looking at them. I need to dig mine out. So if you see me post snow pics on Facebook it's from way back when.
    Where are you suppose to go in that matchbox?
    Hugs, Chrissie

  5. they could have given you a truck at least! It is 10 below zero...i gotta go to work in it..PHOOEY..hope the damn car starts....i hate snow and i hate winter. It needs to hurry up and warm up for both of us! LOVE YOU