Sunday, January 25, 2009

So much on my mind

I have debated talking about this on my blog for a bit now because it is very personal. My finances..........

I have decided to go ahead and talk about it. Without giving a little more info than I am comfortable with it is hard to explain the changes my family and I are coming into. It is SCARY! I have been very fortunate for a long time to make a pretty significant amount of money. The economy has not hit us hard at all compared to others. Now it has impacted everything about my finances.

I will tell you that in the year of 2008' my pay dropped by $118,000.00! That is ALOT of money when you are used to getting that much extra. So we have just sort of went with the flow, stopped spending as much, and cut back as needed.

My check for Febuary is the lowest it has been since April of 2000. It is over half less than the normal take home amount I am used to. So again, I am LUCKY to make the money I do period and have an income coming in. But when you live life a certain way and your bills accomodate the money you expect to make then you take such huge hits it is very hard to make ends meet!

Then it seems that every time I turn around there is another unexpected expense. Like the car accident, doctor's, my truck breaking down left and right, an unexpected bill, ect. I feel like I am drowning and can't find the floatie............

We WILL be ok I know that, but like I said this is all life changing to me and I am going to have to reevalute my priorities. I told you that we recently moved into a house that we really wanted because of the layout. Well the city we live in is a upper class, very expensive city to live in. Our house payment is VERY high and moving again is looking like it may have to happen. We may have to move to a city a little more out of the cities that will be cheaper and able to be paid when I have a bad month.

When I start thinking about it all, I honestly feel like my head is going to explode. My mind races all over the place and I worry. I cannot help it, that is who I am! I take care of everything and everyone in my house so I feel alot of weight lies on my shoulders and it stresses me out beyond belief to think about!

Ok enough about that!

I got my truck back after 2 weeks. They did not total it out. Now I just hope that it doesn't have anymore problems for awhile!

I got hit by a train with the flu bug last week! I had been busy all day, sat down at my computer around 4 and within a half hour I told my hubby I needed to go lay down. I stayed in bed for 2 days. I was ill! Thank god it only lasted 2 days. My hubby has been in bed all day today I think with the same thing. He started getting really achy, cold, ect late last night.

I have so much more in my head and heart that I could write about, but for some reason I find it hard to do here on blogger. I wasn't even making tags for a bit and have just started making them again. I haven't felt creative I guess. I seem to go in spurts. One day I will make 4 or 5 tags then I won't again for another week.

I have said more than once I truly do not NEED a ton of comments, but it feels a little strange to know that almost 50 people follow my blog and only on average 5 people comment. I just wonder what the point is of putting my heart out there for some to read to never say boo to me?!? I knowI am not the only one here feeling this way.

Well I am off to vacuum and do some laundry. It is below zero again here in MN and frigid outside!!! I hope everyone is staying warm and having a great weekend...........

tanyan ihduha! (Take care!) in Dakota ;)

Love and Hugs, Robyn


  1. Well, I read many of my blogs through Google Reader, and unless I have something specific to say, I don't even come to the actual blog. When something happens that you really need people, they'll comment. I average about 140 hits a day on my blog, and Lord only knows how many read me through a reader that don't come there at all. But lots of times I don't get more than 2 or 3 comments.

  2. Those of us with good jobs can certainly be thankful, but that does not mean that we can be frivilous. We have made a concerted effort over the last couple of years to get to the point that the only debt we have is our house payment, and if things get tough, we just stop saving as much, or limit vacations. Hope you can find a way to get a good balance and not have to move again.

  3. WOW! That sure is a big cut in salary! Our yearly income keeps going down with every year also. Kevin used to get a bonus every year but not this year. It was get a bonus and some lose their jobs, no bonus and everyone keeps their jobs. No bonus won! So many of us out here feel just as over whelmed as you do. We just have to keep marching forward and do whatever it is that we have to do to keep our head above water.

  4. You are strong and made of strong stuff. I know you will do whatever you have to do to survive this hit. I think you're kinda numb and in shock right now. I'm so sorry you've been sick and hubby too. THis has been a strong mess going around. I can't imagine having to move around so much. It would be hard, hard hard to always unpack and repack. I understand why you need to now. I have wondered about the comment/follower ratio too, not that I am in it for the comments. YEt when you pour out your heart and just get a drive by comment like have a nice day, that's just uncaring in my opinion. Well, as you know, I care. I love ya, and if you see me online at anytime you are welcome to IM me, write me or pick up the phone and call me. I can't do anything but listen but I am willing to do that.

    Love, Nelishia

  5. I hope things turn around for you. If you do have to move just know it is where you are supposed to be at this time in your life and you'll find a place that is perfect for you. Have a great week.


  6. you could begin a private blog and only put in those who are not casual but REAL friends and then vent.
    Honey, i know how you are feeling. I have had to cut everything in half for almost 3 yrs and get by with only half my pay and try to make it all work. It is almost impossible. I hope you can work it out that you do not have to move...and things look brighter, quicker. If people do not comment in my blog, i take them out. It is that simple. I do not like casual. I love you so much and i am GLAD you opened up. I am always here to listen.

  7. That sure is a big cut in salary! I hope everything works out for you. Hugs, Alvia

  8. Robyn,
    Wouldn't take the dearth of commenting too seriously. Many people (myself included) skim by on the feedreader. Unless there is something that I feel I can intelligibly comment on, I do not usually do so. However, I am sorry you are feeling the financial pinch, bearing out the adage that expenditure rises to meet income. Wishing you well - oh, I recently helped to transcribe a Dakota bible without understanding a letter of the actual text. It was for conversion into an eBook.


  9. LOL...Robyn, I'm sure you have jaws dropping here with the amount of finanaces you have lost this year but you are so right that you live at the standard of money coming in. A huge drop in anybody's income wreaks havoc. I pray you don't have to move again.

    Finances are hitting everybody really hard. I have blue cross/blue shield through the govt. I spend well over $400.00 a month for it but it sucks. The out of pocket expenses kill me. I have so many payments plans going on with doctors, hospitals, etc.

    I hear you on the followers. I have 100, give or take a few, because I add some; lose some. I don't make many entries so end up with 25 comments but get a lot of hits. I've been in a PSP slump also. I've noticed the hits drop when I don't create. Hmmm...wondery why? Anyway, those that have been there for me continue to be. I have lost track of some old friends which makes me sad.

    Enough ya!

  10. WELL I read you and I don't come to you for tags anymore. Love seeing them and I snag every once in awhile, but I find you more important that the other stuff.
    I'm so sorry things are starting to hit home. I think you are not alone everyone is having troubles they may not be admitting it, but it's happening everywhere.
    I think you have a great idea to move to another place where it is cheaper to live. Everything helps.
    I'm sorry I'm not around everyday, but you know when I do come I come until I'm caught up. I love to read what you're doing. I wish I was closer I would love to have lunch with you or drinks anything. Visit that damn mall LOL.
    I hope things get better for you soon. You so deserve it.
    Hugs, Chrissie