Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tour of the Mall of America from the outside

I have a few different entries I plan on doing in the next day or two. But I am going to break them up because each one is different because there just has been SO much going on here. My daughter and grandson went home on Monday morning. It was so nice having them here for a month! But the quiet is nice now also lol!

One day both my daughter's asked if they could go to the Mall of America. It was two days after Christmas. No biggie right? It is only 17 miles from me. So off we go and when we got onto the exit for the mall (there is 2 of them) we sat literally for an hour and 20 minutes just to get into the mall! We were crawling! The girls could have walked there in 5 minutes, but I wasn't letting them out on a big ole ramp.

So then I remembered Chrissie asking for pictures of the mall so I figured I could at least snap away while I had to drive around it to drop the girls and get out again lol. My girls were like "mom you look like a tourist!!"

This is the Best Buy Headquarters that was just put here about a year and a half ago. It is huge!

This is a indoor waterpark/hotel that is directly across the street from the Mall of America

The rest of these ended up upload backwards but I just snapped away as I drove around the mall. The huge Ikea is right across the street from the mall also. See police even have to direct traffic there. Personally I think it is overrated, but that is because it is a mall very close to me lol! The next time I go shopping there I will MAKE sure to bring my camera and again look like a tourist. Honestly the inside is crazy, the stuff in it is crazy. I guess I don't appreciate it as much as other's would who have never been there because I do NOT think it is fun to have to walk for 45 minutes from one side to the other if the two places we need to go are on opposite sides of the mall lol!

The Minneapolis/St.Paul airport is right there to the right. It is that close to the mall


  1. I have a cousin who used to work there.I think it's too big also.I'd get too tired shopping there.

  2. I've never been there but maybe someday. The mall where I live is tiny. I love to make a day of it there. Shop til I drop, so to speak.

  3. I have heard about this place and had no idea it was that huge. I'd never make a walk that far as I'd literally want to shop till I dropped! I haven't even made it to the MALL OF GEORGIA yet. If I do, I'll make a similar journal entry! Thank you for these pics.

    Love you, Nelishia

  4. That is a huge shopping mall.......... we have a new one opened here in the Uk...i have not been there.... must admit i hate window
    Thanks for sharing the photo's
    hugs Jayne

  5. WOW I'm glad you were my tourist eyes for me and I almost missed it. I would love to go just to say I've been there, but I think I would not think it to fun to walk that far just for two stores either. My sister would love it IF she had a wheelchair hehehe.
    Glad you embarrassed the kids for me.
    Hugs, Chrissie

  6. do you have any idea how many people are employed by that mall? I bet it is a huge $$ maker for your area...i loved seeing the pics! It looks cold there. LOVE YOU