Monday, March 9, 2009

Pics part 2

Stuff, stuff and more stuff everywhere I will probably end up getting rid of
Pictures waiting to get hung taking up the hallway

Ray's bedroom, until we finish the downstairs room for her

She used this mirror I won at community bingo and shelf to put in her closet for in the mornings getting ready for school. Cool idea ;)

My lense REALLY needs to be cleaned I see by all the spots in the pictures lol

More piles of stuff. We have boxes upon boxes of toys! It was like Christmas for Josh unpacking

See what an unfinished bathroom turns into??
No walls yet downstairs so I hung these laundry pictures on beams lol. But they are all to cute so I cannot wait until there are walls


  1. I loved being there 'with ya' through those pictures. Hope you're settling in more each day. That was a great idea with the mirror. I remember you winning a truck load of stuff at Bingo last year. I love a beveled mirror.
    Hugs, Ne