Monday, March 9, 2009

Pics part 3

Where the red tape is to the window will be Ray's new bedroom. The wall will be angled so it will come out 2 feet on each side and the be angled where the door will go. She will end up with a really decent sized room
Just random pics

Master bathroom which is going to be repainted also

Our poor, poor bedroom. This is temporary! When we moved a few years ago we got rid of our whole bedroom set. So we will have to just make due for now until I get a new one
I think I will actually be making a really cool headboard and just buying the nightstands, and dressers

This was my grandma's cedar chest. It is about 70 years old and still in perfect shape! I store sheets and some old doilies and napkins and crocheted napkins she made in it.

Well that is it for tonight! I will share more as we get more done.


  1. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures

  2. great pics 1-3. ty for sharing them all.
    have a good week.

  3. I loved what you did with the stand you found at the yard sale. We do similar things. I cannot wait untilyou make a headboard to see what you do. My lifetime dream is to get a drimmel tool and all the accessories and do a scene of running Mustangs on a large piece of wood and make it into our headboard. These are great pictures. I still didn't quiet visualize the shape of Ray's br to be but that's just because I'm still crunchy brained.
    Sick too long I guess. I'm getting better slowly.