Monday, March 9, 2009

Updating and lots of pics coming in a few parts

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Hi everyone it feels like forever since I have wrote an actual entry here! We found a house about an hour out of the cities that puts me in a much more comfortable spot financially! Because we are an hour out of the cities it is significantly cheaper to live here. The house is newer, it was built in 2005.

But it is significantly smaller than anything I have ever lived in. Only because the basement is completely unfinished still. The first thing that will be done down here is to add a 4th bedroom for my daughter because the two bedrooms upstairs are pretty small. Our master bedroom is decent sized though. The house is nice it really is. It is just an adjustment! Especially going from living in a city with 80,000 people to a city with 9000! We have moved to the country Ya'll! lol

We moved in two seperate times. First move was taking all we had in corporate and what we could fit into a 26 foot Uhaul. We brought that all here and sort of bare boned it for a week and a half. Then this last week we rented yet another 26 foot Uhaul and paid a couple guys to meet us almost 2 hours away at our storage again to empty out the remaining stuff. We filled two 26 foot Uhauls both times!

Being in corporate for a few years really made me appreciate uncluttered spaces. I have been overwhelmed going through all of our own stuff again! I am going through it all and keeping what really means the most to me and making a sell on Craigslist pile, a garage sale pile, and a donate pile! I am getting rid of a TON of stuff. So it is all a work in progress. I will share what pictures I have in a couple entries so that they load faster. We have a 400 pound 69 inch big screen TV that is the biggest pain in my ass! The guys we hired to help us load the Uhaul and one buddy of my hunnies got it moved into the Uhaul pretty easy. Then here at our new house my brother and his buddy met my hunny and his buddy here and getting it in here was not as easy! I pity ANYONE that has to move it. I will not move it again. It will be sold and whoever buys it will be moving it lol. I took some pics of them moving it in also.

I am painting the bathroom in the hallway upstairs so I won't share any pictures of that until the room is all set up the way I want it to look. We do have a great yard here, a great deck off the kitchen, a park right in our backyard so we will never have backyard neighbors. It is all coming together, but like I said this is a change of pace for me. It has been a work in progress and there is still SO much to do!

My daughter has been a trooper and really pitched in and helped out even as far as carrying stuff like a grown man lol. She has started school and went from a school she had one classroom all day with 2600 hundred kids for 5th & 6th grade into a middle school with 7 classes a day and only 800 kids. BIG changes for her, but she is loving it. The kids have all been really nice and helpful to her.

Friday night I dropped her off to meet a bunch of kids at the roller skating rink and she fell really hard. So I went and got her a little early. She came home and we iced her wrist and elbow, and gave her some Ibruprofen. Nothing was helping and around midnight she was just crying her eyes out because it hurt her so much. So hubby and I took her to the SMALLEST hospital I have ever been in ever lmao about 15 minutes from us and they did Xrays. She sprained her wrist and elbow. So she is wearing a splint and sling for the week. Thank goodness she didn't fracture anything or break anything! I was freaking out about her going skating because I did that at her age and remember clearly what went on at the rinks while we were all there lol! She is a good kid and I do trust her though!

Josh will be starting school but it truly is a long process to get him enrolled and put into the proper programs. He will be going to a city aways Special Ed Co-op is what they call it. Two of his teacher's from his old school are actually coming up here on Thursday morning to help with the transition. Ray was in school for one week and now both the kids have spring break all this week.

As usual I have so much more I could write about but should wrap this up and upload some photo's. I am going to split it up into part 1, 2 and 3. I am terribly behind on everyone's blogs! I will try to catch up. I do not know if Donna has went in for her surgery yet but I want her to know she is in my thoughts and prayers!! Missie you also, I sure hope your knee surgery recovery is going good! Chrissie & Ne I know you two have been sick and really hope your both on the mend! Chris you to hun! LJ I haven't seen a alert in my emails for any posting from you but want you to know I always am thinking of you to and hope your doing well! Sug, I know I have some sort of an award to pick up from your blog and will get there and want to thank you in advance for whatever it is!! I hope your doing ok also! Alvia I hope your having a great week. OK so bottom line, I love you all and have you on my mind even when I am not able to be around for long periods of times ;)

Hugs, Robyn

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  1. So glad you found a spot you like, not sure if you are renting or if you bought, but I hope you do not need to move again for a long time :o)