Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Been awhile & random pics

Hi everyone! I just wanted to do a entry because it has been awhile! I have sort of had the winter blues I guess you could call it. I sure wish it would start feeling like spring sooner than later! It is still so cold here!

My kids are both doing great at the new schools! Ray has her first conference tonight at her Middle School. She is applying for all of the HP classes for next year. She had to take her state testing in our old district and got above average in both tests. She does every year. It was funny this year though, she started school the day before they were taking them in our new district so they made her take them again. They were blown away by her scores and she actually did better this time around on both tests. But because she came in so close to the end of the year, they did not place her in advanced classes this year. So next year she will be in them. I was worried if she wasn't able to be in some advanced classes of her getting bored in school and not challenged enough. So it is awesome to know next year she will be back where she fits in.

Josh's school hired a new teacher to be his one on one and so far so good. We are keeping our fingers crossed that everything continue's going good! He seems to have a TON to talk about everyday when he gets home. I sure do wish I could understand his baby chatter lol! I took some pictures of him his first morning of school. He was so excited to put his backpack on, because he associates taht with "I am going to school". One day he was kicking and fighting to not get on the bus in the morning. That is very strange for him! His dad had to pick him up and put him on the bus. That worried us because he never does that about going to school. But he seemed just fine all day and when he got home.

We moved into wind central!! Man does it get windy here! This last weekend hubby's son was here. Friday night my brother, and SIL also came over and spent the night. We got our electronic dart board set up in the basement and played darts for about an hour. We also went to the local bar for last call. My brother had my SIL & I take a shot called a Dead Nazi and it was nasty! It tasted like really strong cough syrup! When we got home we all played Rock Band all night long. I was surprised to find out I do pretty good on the bass guitar, BUT I suck at drums lol! Then on Saturday after feeding every lunch hubby helped his son make some foam darts for his Nerf gun while the rest of us just sat around lazy. Then I cooked some tator tot hotdish for dinner and everyone went out in our backyard with the dog and played frisbee. (When the could beat the dog to it!).

My truck was in the shop AGAIN and another huge bill later it seems to be running pretty good! I sure hope it stays that way for awhile! Some people tell me to get rid of it, trade it in. The thing is the truck still looks brand new, I LOVE it, and I am almost done paying it off! So that will be a car payment I won't have to make. I don't want to jump back into another high payment, if I can keep mine going. You would NEVER guess it had 150,000 miles on it because it is still in great shape. But it sure has been a pain in my butt over the last years time!!

Our computers are set up in our unfinished basement. And I honestly have not been on mine much because it gets so cold down here! We have one space heater we use. We actually have 2 others BUT they can't all run in this corner because of the lack of outlets and we short the fuse out. So I am usually bundled up when down here or have the heater right next to me! I am counting down until summer so we can just open some windows for the outdoor heat to warm it up down here!

The last couple times I have cooked Tator tot hotdish I have stopped using beef (which was what the recipe was when I gave it) and started using either ground turkey which is awesome. Or else the last time I used ground buffalo and OMG was it good with the buffalo!! Everyone loved it! They are both better for you than the hamburger so I think I will not use it anymore. I made a BIG bowl of Tuna Salad a couple days ago and everyone must have loved it also, because it is gone already. I thought for sure it would last close to week! Tonight when I get home from Ray's conference I am making some no bake cookies. I will take some pictures. If you like oats, coconut, and chocolate you would like these. They are super simple to make and great to eat! The coolest part is you heat up the mixture add the oats and coconut and they are ready to be spooned out onto wax paper.

Well I think I will end this and upload some pictures into this entry. I hope everyone is doing good!!
Hugs & Love, Robyn

Garage starting to look like a garage. The whole right side of my garage is garage sale/donation's stuff! I sent a van full with my SIL for thier garage sale this spring this last weekend.

My sister bought me this clock years ago and it sat in a box. I didn't realize it was neon lit so I hung it in the garage lol

Tator Tot hotdish with buffalo! YUM!

Josh excited to start school ;)

He has had these shoes, but they are to cute not to take a picture of ;)

He sees his bus here
Crock pot Scalloped Potatoes & Ham YUM also! Let em cook all day and dinner is ready.


  1. As always I love these pictures and I had no idea you were freezing your butt off the whole time you were talking to me. You shoulda said something. You feed your family so well. That food always makes me hungry and your food photo's remind me of The Pioneer Woman's web site. I haven't had any buffalo since 05 and I sure do miss it. Josh is growing and is still a cutie. Those shoes are jsut adorable too. I know you are so proud of Ray. Who wouldn't be. I am too! We hope to get Katie professionally tested next year to see where she is. It might be a nice surprise also. I think so.
    Surprise. I made a new journal entry.

    Love ya, Nelishia

  2. hey lady it has been awhile for me too. i wanted to come in and say hello! loved all of the photos

    josh is getting so big!!! love his shoes!