Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Where I am from" Wrote by my daughter Rayanna

Ray's conference went awesome! She made the A honor roll and is super excited about that! She had to write this poem called where I am from and I love it!

"Where I am from"

I am from Karoake Revolution: American Idol Edition, from Prego spaghetti sauce, and Dawn dish soap.

I am from a cozy, and clean suburban home.

I am from walkways covered by trees, the beaches full of soft white sand, and cold water.

I am from home cooked meals, and never a dull moment, from Joshua, and Lexi and the Lennes family.

I am from keeping to our selves in public, and letting loose when it's just family and close friends hanging out. From get rid of that attitude, and Night Sweetie, I love you.

I'm from Prairie Island, Spaghetti, and Tator-tot hotdish. From the laughing over dumb things only Kerry and I would understand, the fun summer days hanging out at Fish Lake, and the crazy, annoying Josh.

I am from Cherished Bears on my bedroom shelves, gave to me from a mom who never stops giving, and couldn't be more loved, and appreciated.

My name is Rayanna L.


  1. This is one very, very special person, your daughter. ANd you know that's the VERY karaoke game I'm gonna have to buy when I get the machine. HUGS to you all, Nelishia

  2. Oh, I love those "where I'm from" things. Using the template provided online, I've done two at different times for myself on my blog, and one for my husband.

  3. A very special daughter who is obviously well grounded :o)

  4. The Cherished Bears on the shelf got to me.
    Wonderful poem!

    Daughters like Ray come from a good Mom and family. Congrats you are doing a good job. Love to you all and Happy Easter, Bill

  5. love how she incorporated everything even the tater tot hotdish too :)

    cute thanks for shairing