Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lots to tell, broken heart missing my dog, it's been awhile!

Hi everyone. It has been awhile since I have posted an entry or a new tag. I am still here just been very busy and also broken hearted.

Last Friday the 1st we were running errands pretty much all day and got home around 9:30 PM. My hubby's son was here for the weekend. We took him to get new glasses and contacts that evening and had dinner at the mall. When we got home we opened a new bag of Romeo's food and fed him, took him out to potty. He was acting totally normal. He was sticking his nose in all the bags we brought in wondering what we got for him (I swear he was worse than the kids!!). I was sick and realized I had forgotten to get cold medicine, so hubby and I took off around 11 to run back to Walmart to get some. While at Walmart, I decided to buy a new Sims game and got home to install it and broke the disc in half taking it out of the case. Hubby turned around and went right back for me to exchange it. He picked up a pizza at Dominoes also.

He got home walked in the door. He was going upstairs, I was going down. Romeo threw up in the landing downstairs. I tried to get him to move a few feet to the concrete floor in the unfinished basement. He moved and went right behind Tyler and threw up again. He never ever has done this close to someone. So hubby and I each took a pile and cleaned them up. While we were doing this Romeo had went and laid down on his dog bed near our computers. He got up about 5 minutes later and Tyler asked "What is wrong with Romeo's leg?" We called him and his left front leg looked sort of like his joint had turned inside out. He started violently throwing up all over the basement then. I called my sister who lives 10 minutes away and brother while I threw some clothes on my brother found me the closest emergency vet. I ran back downstairs and Romeo was getting worse by the minute. All of his joints became unfunctional. He was throwing up foam and slime. He was in terrible shape. I layed with him and my sister got here and checked everything she knew to check. His tongue was swollen, his eyes were dialated, he was getting sicker and sicker by the minute. So we wrapped him in a big blanket and hubby carried him to the truck. He sat in the back of the truck with him on the way to the vet and we followed my sister. Her and my brother had called to let them know we were coming.

Romeo was a dog that was loved by many! It was a long standing joke if hubby and I died there was a line of people who would fight for custody of him. He started having problems breathing in the truck. He was still throwing up and hubby just sat there devastated. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the vet. Once there, they had us bring him right back into the back and started checking him. At first they assumed he had been poisoned. The only thing possible that could have done that is his dog food. I gave them the go ahead to run blood work, and do an x-ray. We had a bit of hope right away, because the vet got him to walk to the scale and he looked a little better. That ended very quickly! When we got his blood work back we found out his kidney's were in failure and there was nothing we could do. We asked them to bring Romeo back into the waiting room we were in. We sat with him for close to 2 hours. Actually they brought a blanket in and he layed on it and we layed with him. It was heart wrenching! I have never lost a pet before that was mine and I had raised for nearly a decade. We had them put him to sleep when we were ready and came home feeling empty.

He was such a good dog that we never had to put him away while we were gone. So his presence is missed so much! He is not there right when we walk in the door anymore, his tail is not hitting us all day and night. He is not at the foot of our bed or side when I wake up each day, he was the best dog anyone could ask for and he is missed so much!!!

It all happened so quick, it almost seemed unreal. He has always been very healthy! A couple days after he passed I decided to research his food and what I found made me feel so guilty and shitty for not looking sooner! But who would think such a known named product could do what it did?? He ate Purina Beneful Healthy Radiance for almost 4 years. I found a forum of a bunch of people who pretty much lost their dog in the same manner we lost Romeo. The food is disgusting!! If anyone is feeding this food to their dogs, please don't. I would hate for this to keep happening and Purina to not stop it. Now I know there is some dogs that do just fine with it. But the stories I found prove there is also alot of dogs who don't. I feel so guilty because if I had looked long ago, he NEVER would have been fed it again.
I am going to split this entry up into two. So I will end this one just simply as a tribute to my dog. He will be missed forever!
Love & Hugs,


  1. my heart is breaking for you. please accept my sympathy for your loss.
    romeo sounds like he was a wonderful furr baby & member of your family.
    if you want him placed on our pet memorial blog, let me know. (the link is on my side bar)
    saying a prayer for the family.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear. Thought w/u

  3. Oh Sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear about Romeo. I don't know what I would of done if It had been Pickles. Please know they your in my thoughts and prayers on the smoke during this sad time. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Robyn,
    So sorry to hear about Romeo. I'm going to tell people who have dogs about Purina Beneful Healthy Radiance.

  5. OMG Robyn

    I am so very, very sorry to hear about Romeo. He was a gorgeous looking baby. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad time.
    Purina should be made to pay for these deaths that they are causing..... its disgusting.
    Now i am worried as i give my cats Purina One dried food.
    Take care
    hugs Jayne

  6. Robyn, my heart goes out to you and your family. I know how desvatated you are. We were told our dog might have cancer yesterday and the vet suggested we amputate her front leg. We were shocked. We took her in because she hurt her leg after jumping off the couch. I am feeling some of the same feelings as you. I am praying the vet was wrong and she will recover. I will say a prayer for your family for healing from this sad time in your lives.

  7. I am so sorry for your loss Robyn...and for your family. Romeo will be missed ...and was truly loved. Hugs!!

  8. I am sorry for your loss. I know the feeling as I have been through it a few times.

  9. i am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog :(

    thinking of you all


  10. I cannot say I'm sorry enough for what you all are going through. Romeo's sudden death is such a loss and will leave a hole for a long time. I'm here if you need to vent or just share whether you're having a bad day or not.
    Love, Nelishia