Thursday, May 7, 2009

second part of my update


Now for the rest of the last couple weeks. It seems so many are using Facebook now, and less of blogger. Facebook is simple, but I sort of miss the longer entries of what's really going on in everyone's daily life! Not even sort of, I do. So I seem to spend more time at Facebook each day versus coming here and sitting down and writing a longer entry.

The weather here has been so back and forth! One day it is 80, the next it is 48. Air on during the day, then by nightfall we are freezing and need to turn the heat back on.

When we moved into this house, I had no idea what the yard would look like since there was still snow on the ground. It needs help! I was so frustrated with this lawn service I was trying to schedule a series of treatments with. Finally after over a week of trying to simply set up an appointment and complaining. The branch manager up here actually drove to our house personally and quoted us a price. Tomorrow will be our first treatment and I sure hope it helps. Dandilions have popped up all over and are spreading. They will be gone by this weekend I hope. We also need to fix our sprinkler system. There is a leak on the side of the house, and a couple of the heads are literally half under the edging of the house, so they will not pop up and flood the area instead of water it. No biggie though, they are easy fixes. But it does need to get fixed so I can water the grass after it starts getting treated.

My kids are doing good. Josh had a surgery 2 weeks ago to help his bloody noses. His Ear, Nose & Throat doc seems to think we will need to do this often because of the way his nasal passage is shaped from his disorder. The procedure is simple, but Josh didn't take it well at all. He was trying to rip his IV out of his arm, biting hubby and I, hitting us, pinching us, everything he could possibly think of to let us know he was NOT happy at all having to lay in that bed. The good news though, he hasn't had a bloody nose since we got home. He was getting them so badly and frequently that we were waking up in the middle of the night to him covered in blood and laying in it. It honestly was almost a nightly thing. Or it was nothing for him to just be sitting there and blood to start gushing out of his nose. So it is awesome the procedure helped to stop that! And nice to know that we can do it as needed. His ENT doc told us he was going to note his chart that we could just call anytime directly to the surgery center and make the appointment everytime he needed it done. Versus, going in for an appt. waiting to get scheduled, ect. This doc is so impressed with his team of doctor's he has had his whole life. He pretty much told us that he has had the very best of the best all around with everyone who has helped with his Cranial issues.

I bought 2 bar stools on Craigslist for super cheap not long after we moved in here. They were just not doing it for me so yesterday I went and bought new fabric and reupholstered them this afternoon. I love the new look because it is brighter and more colorful. I am not a beige type of person lol!

The first pic is the plain beige compared to the new fabric.

I haven't done a what's for dinner in a bit either. So I figured I would show Chicken Alfredo :)

Photobucket Hugs & Love, Robyn


  1. Oh I really love the chairs! that small change makes them look amazing! Today we are headed to an auction and I am hoping to find something similar and also a new desk! LOL

    So sorry about your dog also. I know that it is hard to lose someone you love so much.

    I don't comment lots or anything but I really enjoy your blog, had been wondering where you went to just figured busy with Spring coming in. I am a facebooker too but love blogger still :)

  2. You stopped by my blog a while ago, and I keep saying I'm coming here :-); I am so glad the children are doing well.

    Sorry about Josh & the procedure. I don't know many kids who take procedures all that well, lots of adults don't either. I hope he is totally healed now. ~Mary
    ps you did a great job with those stools.

  3. I love the reupholstery job you did with those stools. I was trying very hard to not make any stool sample jokes. sre.
    I hope Josh is less traumatized now that the whole procedure is over. He's been through enough already.
    Dinner always looks great at your house.