Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Halloween Gorjuss tag & Random pictures

Hi everyone. Along with being sick and just busy in life. I also have not made many tags recently (or in like months is better worded!). I am going to try to start making them again.

Tonight I made another tie blanket for my daughter's baby sister Piper. It is super cute. Ray picked out the pattern and I made it.

I have been painting canvases instead of being online alot lately also. I found a bunch of really cute buttons on sale a few weeks ago and bought them. I had an idea to use them on my canvas. I have one done, about 8 to go. I also went to Joanne Fabric's and they had canvases of all sizes on sale for 50% off. Can't beat that! So I stocked up on them.

Here is a few I have finished. Because my basement is unfinished I just hang them all on the wall. I have a whole side of the basement set up specifically for crafting. Everything is organized and has a place. I am looking for a cheap bookshelf or cabinet though on Craigslist to house all my acrylic paints. Right now they are in plastic drawers and they are super hard to find specific colors easily.

When my kids paint pictures I am also going to hang those like I did the couple already there.

It has been really cold in MN already! In the 20's. Now this week it has warmed up a little bit. We had to rush to get our sprinklers blown out so they wouldn't freeze. I got our yard aerated, and seeded one last time but then was supposed to water the grass for 3 days before mowing one last time. Well neither got done, since the sprinklers got shut off. Oh well, there's always next spring. Our yard really looked awful when the snow melted this last Spring. We hired a company to come and do alot of work to it. Other than the 2 yards in our neighbourhood that had their's resodded. Our's looks pretty good. For some reason it is really hard to keep your grass looking good here. All things considered we are doing pretty good.

This entry ended up more pictures than actual writing. But I am going to post it and go run a bath. I hope you are all having a great week!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Been a LONG time!

Hi everyone. I am just making a quick post to see if anyone is even still out there? If so I will probably come back and start blogging more again. I know most of us have moved over to Facebook. But I miss actually sharing pics, tags and stories of my life more in detail here. Versus just status updates on Facebook.

I hope you are all doing well. We have been extremely sick with H1N1, another strain of Influenza, and now Pneumonia in my household. I have lots to tell and will if my blog is still alive haha ;)