Monday, July 26, 2010

New Tag......Gorjuss makes me happy

Long time, no write!

Hi everyone! Long time no write. I noticed another friend of mine today said she was going to write in her blog and figured I should pop over here and do the same. I redid my page, I added new pictures to my sidebar, and redecorated :)

I hope everyone is doing good, and also hope I still have some readers here. I have been AFK for quite some time now!

Alot has been going on. Alot has happened. I couldn't possibly catch you all up in one blog entry.

I think alot of you that do read my blog also are friends on Facebook. But I do miss the writing part of it. The actually journaling/blogging.

This summer is flying by! I cannot believe it is almost half way over. We have had some crazy weather here in Minnesota this summer. We had a tornado touch down in our back yard and I thought for sure our house was going to fly away like in The Wizard of Oz! Thank god it didn't. We lost some siding, as did most of our neighbors. But it could have been alot worse!

One really exciting thing going on right now is we are in the beginning stages of finishing our basement. We will have a huge family room, my daughter will be getting a huge new bedroom, we will have one more bathroom, and a really nice laundry/utility room. First stage is adding the electrical we need to on the other side of the basement. Then we will be building a few walls out. Then comes the sheet rock and drywall and painting. In a couple weeks we will start packing everything up down here and storing it in the garage until it is all done. There will be some stuff that will be gotten rid of for sure.

We have also been busy redecorating upstairs. We bought 2 new ceiling fans that look so much nicer than the plain white ones that were here since we moved in. We painted our master bathroom a dark blue. We also painted an accent wall in our stairwell/living room that matches the new red sectional we bought. I have also bought some new art and had it framed. Also got some new stuff for the kids rooms. All in all it is all coming together and looks great!

We were going to rent the same cabin again this summer. But with so much going on we decided at the last minute not to. I was a little bummed, but it would have been just to much driving back and forth!

My hubby went back to college 6 months ago. He is going for a degree in Criminal Justice. He will graduate in 3 and half years. So with him back in school he needed to be home more than last summer. It's funny in a few weeks we will celebrate our 14 year anniversary. He has never had a cell phone, or laptop. He never wanted one. A few days ago I went and bought him a brand new laptop, and got him a cell phone. I told him "welcome to the modern age!".

My home computer crashed awhile back. So I had to buy a new one for myself also. I love it! My Blackberry also crapped out on me this week. So I bought the new Blackberry Bold in pearl white with the leather backing. I LOVE it!

My daughter Rayanna bought herself a new cell also with her grade money. We have upgraded a ton of electronics here in the last month. She also started her volleyball camp today. She will go all of this week each day.

She is entering a new stage of life and it has been VERY trying some days. I think she is back on the right track and really hope she stays there! Can you say boys, boys, boys.................. In the big picture it could be a whole lot worse. But because I was so used to her being so good so to speak. It side swiped me when I found out a few things that were going on! I do remember being her age still, which helps lol

My daughter Amanda is home. She was living with us for awhile. She stayed with us while she got back on her feet. She got a job, did everything she needed to do. And now is in her own apartment about 5 minutes from us with our grandson. Her boyfriend from California also moved here a couple months ago. She turned 21 in April and is doing awesome!

My daughter Lexi went to Europe for 3 weeks this summer. She had a blast! She came home 2 days before our pow wow and was crowned Junior Princess on our reservation. She also danced in the pow wow.

Joshua is doing really good. But is a handful almost always now! I can only imagine how frustrating it is for him at 11 years old to not be able to talk to us. So he gets very frustrated and physical. We take it a day at a time with him.

My stepson Tyler turned 17 a couple weeks ago. He has his permit and will be driving soon. Crazy! He was here on his birthday and got spoiled like the rest of them lol. He also just had his one year anniversary with his girlfriend. Which is pretty good considering his age ;) He is very much like his dad when it comes to relationships. He isn't a player like so many his age. He is a great kid.

We also got a new puppy. His name is Titan and he is a MONSTER! I am pretty sure we have tried every thing we know to try to get him to stop going to the bathroom in the house. And it just doesn't seem to matter. Even if he was just walked, just outside with one of us, or on his tie out. He will come in and immediately go pee and poop. We have a lot of patience and he is just about done us in! I keep praying by the time the carpet gets laid in the basement he will be trained. I would hate for the basement to be finished and brand new for him to continue going to to the bathroom the way he has been.

Well I am going to run for now. Josh and I are going to get Chipotle for dinner :) We are the only ones home until about 10.

If anyone else is still writing please leave me a comment and let me know :)

Love & Hugs!