Friday, November 12, 2010

Checking in

Hi everyone. I was just sitting her relaxing and decided it was about time to post an entry here.

Life has been busy as usual.

My sister was put back into rehab about a month ago. And 3 days later my mom was picked up and recommitted into a half-way house.

This is 2 times in a row that the 2 of them have been in separate treatments at the same time in the last 5 months.

Last time my mom was gone for 2 months. This time she will be gone for 3. My sister is going to be discharged on the 22nd of this month, my mom will be home January 6th. Thinking back this is my mothers 3rd year in a row in treatment during the holidays.

It might sound terrible, but it is relieving to me when they are both in treatments. It is quieter. It is calmer. My life is less stressful.

I pray for my sister that she can get a grip on life and learn how to live it sober. She is going to be 21 years old on the 28th of this month. She has one of the most severe addictions to Opiates that any of her doctors in any hospital or treatment she has been in have ever seen.

When she went into the hospital this last time she was taking 24 of the strongest Percocets a day. From what I have heard and read. Even patients with severe pain, and cancer patients are not prescribed more than 6 in a 24 hour period. The treatment she was at in California the time before this said he could not believe she hadn't overdosed by her levels when she was put in detox. Well technically they do not detox her the way they would someone with an alcohol addiction. She has to be in a hospital setting, being monitored closely because her withdrawals are so severe. Before the Percocet she was taking Oxy's.

Sadly she used to a beautiful person inside and out. She has turned into anything but! Her attitude towards life and people in general suck! She has gained SO much weight. Which I can only imagine is hardest on her considering how young she still is.

I feel like both my mother and her know how to "work" a program. God knows they have been in enough of them!

I hope my sister finds her way in life. My mother on the hand........ I think unfortunately enough has happened that should have been her rock bottom and none of it has made her stop drinking. I would love to be wrong, I would love for her to live a sober life. But I honestly have put so much energy and effort into her life, and her sobriety to be let down that I just have to let her live her life. I have stepped away and stopped using all of my energy into her life.

Being Diabetic now. I honestly cannot handle it anymore. With so much other stuff going on, you throw my mom and sister into the mix and it is not uncommon for me to have to spend a full day in bed out of pure exhaustion from the stress!

It is not fair to my kids and husband. I cannot allow their addictions to affect me anymore.

Enough about them.

I posted 2 recent pictures of Joshua and Rayanna. It is hard to believe how big they are getting. It is even harder for me to believe that Rayanna will be starting drivers ed next fall! She is doing awesome in school as usual. Getting A's. She was in Schoolball/Volleyball which ended a couple weeks ago. She started basketball the next week. And will be starting JO Volleyball next month. She is busy, busy, busy! The only day of the week she doesn't need a ride to or from or multiple rides is Saturday.

She also has started going to a youth group at a church about 5 miles from our house. Friday before Halloween her and a friend went for the Halloween party they held and did the face painting. Tonight she is going to help get Thanksgiving meals ready to be delivered to families who need them.

She is 14 years old and entering new phases of her life. Which is to be expected. But she really is an awesome girl with a heart of gold!

She has decided that next year in high school for 9th and 10th grade she will be taking extra classes so that in her Junior year she can start taking her basic college courses at a college of her choice. She wants to go to medical school. So she decided getting the first 2 years done while still in high school would help her some.

She has big dreams and goals. And every single one of them are right there within her reach if she stays focused!

Josh is doing good also. He was not moved on into middle school this year. They kept him in the Special Education program at the same school he has been at for 2 years. They did not feel he was ready to be moved. We agreed.

As far as progress in a school setting goes. There isn't much. He does get into the "routine" daily there. But has his really good days, then he has his really bad days.

Recently he has started liking watching sports. All kinds of sports on TV's in our house. He will round up all 3 remotes for each TV and literally turn them all on. It isn't uncommon to go upstairs and have to turn them off or down. He will have football playing in his bedroom, volleyball in the living room, and racing in our bedroom. Going back and forth watching them all. I am always like "dude 1 TV is plenty!". ha ha

I think he likes watching the action of them all.

Tomorrow evening we are taking the kids downtown Minneapolis to go the Monster Truck Show. It is supposed to snow 4-6 inches but that is ok. One year it was 20 below when we went and we just bundled up. I am hoping that Josh loves it this year because for a few years we weren't able to bring him because there are just way to many people there! He gets overly stimulated easily. So we are trying again this year, now that he is showing so much interest in sports. I am crossing my fingers it goes smoothly ;) We are also bringing my niece with us.

I am SO proud of my hubby also. He finished his first year back in college with an A average. He has 3 years left. He gets overwhelmed, but keeps going.

One thing he didn't realize when he enrolled in this school was that each 5 week class is based on teams. He has been teamed with a few slackers repeatedly and feels like he has to play daddy to them because they are younger. And feels he has to pull their weight along with his own. Because they graded as a team.

That aspect of it sucks for him. He considered quitting one class because it truly was unfair how much weight he had to pull for the team as a whole. But he didn't and I am happy for him that he didn't. He would have regretted it!

I threw some chicken breasts in the crock pot a couple hours ago with some onions, celery, lemon pepper, cream of chicken soup, and cream of celery soup. They will be so tender and good at dinner time. I will probably just make some baked potatoes to go with them and fresh cauliflower with cheese. Rayanna does not like the prepackaged, frozen cauliflower or broccoli. She likes it when I buy heads of each and steam them. Who can blame her? I agree :)

I love crock pot cooking. It is so simple. Toss some stuff in it and let it cook all day.

We halted the finishing of our basement until Spring. Our new dog is not fully potty trained yet. He really is dumb as a box of rocks most of the time. He is a work in progress! I was afraid with him still having accidents in the basement of having brand new carpet laid and getting soiled. At least right now we have cement and area rugs that are easy to clean. Once the pad, and carpet get laid that is a different story.

An insurance adjuster is going to be out here sometime in the next week to check out the damage we had over the summer from all the crazy storms and wind. We lost siding more than once. This last time a couple weeks ago we had 50 mile an hour wind and things were blowing all over the place. One time my daughter and I looked outside we saw at least 6 pieces of siding blowing around our yard. She was about to run out and grab it! I yelled at to get back in the house. The way that siding was blowing around I didn't want her to get hit in the head with it.

We thought for sure when the sun came up that we were going to have tons of siding missing. 3 cities (including ours) lost power. Roads were being blocked and closed by police due to no power, and trees down. But when the sun came up we were surprised to find out most of the siding we saw that night wasn't ours. We had light sage green pieces in our drive way and yard. Our house is beige. It belonged to a neighbor 2 doors down.

Well I am going to wrap this up and go shower and run some errands before the kids get home from school.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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